Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Quote du Jour

Houellebecq is back at it, this time at First Things, talking about religion, particularly Catholicism. I thought this was very good:
And the Church seems to apologize for her existence. Currently in France, we are experiencing a vast insurrection by those who could be termed the “leftovers of globalization,” the gilets jaunes. These people are crying out with an anger that has been growing for a long time, and they have been ­supported by a majority of the population. A social phenomenon of this order cannot escape the notice of any institution claiming to have a plan for men. In lieu of exercising a political influence, the Church could be offering a spiritual plan to those who are fighting against a loss of fundamental meaning. There are approximatively a hundred dioceses in France, and a few more bishops, all of whom are the representatives of the Church in the country. Only one of them has decided it would be a good idea to go to a meeting of the gilets jaunes.
From Restoration, over at First Things.


Jason said...

It’s a good exchange, doctor, obviously related to your thread below. Note that they don’t seem to have any definitive solutions to restoring the Church’s glory and appeal, although of course they make some thoughtful suggestions that might help (although I think HOUELLEBECQ is very mistaken in comparing Dostoevsky to Pascal). I guess that iterates the point you italicized in your response to me, that “God was [is] doing the converting.” In other words, renewal can only ultimately come from the Spirit, not man (although the former uses the efforts of the latter).

Necessary Conditions said...

Great quote.

The church serves the ideological control system of our time.

It does not challenge it, subvert it, nor offer support to the Yellow Vests at all. That is a going to be a moral condemnation for the ages.

The French will go down in history as the first to show real opposition to the globalist aim of forced diversification of human assets.

The Social Pathologist said...


I thought having Houellebecq featured at First Things was quite an amazing thing in itself.

As I see it, a spiritual renewal requires two things; the input of God and the acceptance by man. One of the reasons why conversion has failed in the West is because we've always assumed that God is always wanting us to convert. It may be that this is simply not the case. Put quite simply, God might not be pleased with the Christianity now on offer.


The church serves the ideological control system of our time.

I wouldn't say serves, I'm more of the opinion that it is infected by it.