Friday, June 28, 2013

Rod Dreher Gets It.

Yesterday's U.S. Supreme Court Ruling should send shivers down the spine of anyone who is traditionally religious. Rod Dreher quite eloquently describes the situation;

Scalia: Open Season on Marriage Traditionalists.

I'm not a American constitutional scholar, but it was my understanding that Supreme court jurisdiction extended only to the judging whether or not a law was in conflict with the constitution.

This DOMA law appears to have been struck off because the court determined that the intention behind the law was malicious. The court made a moral judgement and not a constitutional one and was therefore peddling its opinion of what it considered right and wrong.  The court did not say that congress does not have the power to make laws concerning state marriages, rather, it stated that congress does not have the power to make laws on state marriages that it determines are hateful. God is not the measure of right and wrong anymore. The Supreme Court of the United States is. It's an usurpation of congressional power.

Dreher accurately foresees the implications.


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Update II.

Over a Rod's,  a commentator illustrated just why this decision is so bad:

Apparently, Cardinal George said if gay marriage becomes a reality that in five years, Catholic schools, colleges, charities, hospitals, and organizations will cease to exist. Since it would be contrary to Catholic Christian teaching to hire same-sex couples, those people will not be hired. Since not hiring would now be seen as discrimination, those schools and charities will be sued. So, the only choice is either wait for them to be closed or close them down ourselves. I learned of this from a couple of family members who heard it in a priest’s homily on Sunday.
It won't just affect Catholic institutions, but other traditionalist ones that disapprove of homosexuality, polygamy etc.  What the Supreme Court did today was put itself in opposition to mainstream Christianity.  The salami tactics are about the begin. First it starts with the little laws, then they become more stringent and finally it's full on warfare.