Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Dream is Always the Same.

I first saw Risky Business (NSFW)when it came out in 1983. It affected me deeply and in many ways the film has haunted me throughout my life.

I've often wondered why the movie has affected me so much and I still can't provide an explanation. But it appears to have affected other people the same way.

"The score for this movie was a stroke of genius. Captures perfectly the mystery surrounding women and sex during adolescence."
"why does this song take all the bad things in your life away for the time that it's on? It's like everything is perfect."
"Love on a real train reminds me of times when i was growing up, its a great tune, but it sometimes makes me a bit sad that those days are gone. I want to listen to it while I'm driving back from the beach, the suns setting, and i going to go out for the night. its a very bittersweet tune for me. Life was a lot simpler back then."
"If ever a film was made that captured the epitome of being a high schooler during the early 80s, this is it. Tangerine Dream's music is entrancing and in my opinion, is what made this film a classic."
Close your eyes and listen to the music and tell me you are not transported to someplace far away.

I still get the same feeling watching this now 20 years on as i did when i was 14

The soundtrack by Tangerine Dream still affects me deeply. Lana's theme and Love On a Real train transport me somewhere else. If I'm on the road, on summer evenings, whenever "In the Air tonight" comes on the radio , I start driving like a mad man, possessed by something wells up in me from where I don't know.

Enjoy (NSFW) This is still one of the best sex scenes ever. Porn looks so amateurish and cheap.

I won't be posting for the next four weeks as I'm off on holidays.