Saturday, September 29, 2018

Mr Kavanaugh Goes to Washington

It's all there in the 1930's movie, Mr Smith Goes to Washington.

The Cathedral has been put to work to destroy him.


MK said...

The Cathedral has been put to work to destroy him.

Just a distraction. Kavanaugh will be appointed. Nothing to see here.

Real news? Unz (IQ ~200) published about 10 articles on Jewish control of the US (aka Cathedral) which has been...met with confused silence. It's amazing. Biggest news of my adult life, actually. Nobody even knows how to respond. The matrix is torn wide open.

chris said...

Are there Catholic singles groups where people can meet for the purposes of finding a husband/wife in existence in Australia? Are these organised by Churches? Or outside social clubs?

The Social Pathologist said...


Sorry for the late reply.

I'm not really involved with the singles scene here in Australia, though I know quite a few people who've have expressed a desire to find someone with same values.

A friend of mine sent me this link the other day. If you're in Melbourne you might be interested.