Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Middle American Revolution

It's a shame that Sam Francis was not alive to see Donald Trump's victory. More than anyone else, he had discerned the hurt and pain which was being felt by America's yeomanry since the 1980's. In his small way, through pen, article and book, he  tried to educate Americans about their predicament and motivate them to resist. During his lifetime, his efforts were in vain. Rather, it took eight years of Communist  Democrat governance to final motivate them.  Trump's victory was  in effect, a vindication of his views, especially the belief that the Republican "Neo-Con" approach to politics was wrong. Trump's strategy, which was essentially textbook Francis, delivered spectacularly.

Trump by any considered deliberation is a flawed candidate, who in normal times would never have achieved what he did, except that these are not normal times. Middle America was looking for a saviour, the threat to its existence being palpable, that it was prepared to overcome his history and his all-to-clear faults and chose him, to the surprise of the World, in preference to the diabolical harridan. By appealing to middle America, Trump was able to defeat--against impossible odds--the combined media/establishment collusion. 

As an Australian, U.S. politics affects me in an indirect, if real way. Yet, I've got to admit, this election has given me more anxiety than any here in Australia. Like many other commentators, I felt that this was America's--and therefore the West's--last chance. I think had the Harridan won, the U.S. would have crossed a precipice from which it would have been impossible to recover. Christian persecution would have ensured and a demographic flood that would have been unleashed that would have drowned what remained of the bourgeois, Middle American culture. America would have remained as a geographical entity but it would have transformed into something altogether unrecognizable. I think many Church leaders realised this as well and there was palpable sense of fear among some. For the first time ever in my memory, when the prayers of the faithful were being offered in my local Catholic church, a "non political" prayer was offered in support of Trump.

This election was THAT important.

Trump's victory was therefore not just a big f**k you to the establishment but a deliverance from what was sure to be a persecution of Christians, the beginning of which was started under the Obama administration. Still there needs to be pause. Whilst we were not pushed over the edge, both the U.S.--and Western Civilisation--still stands at that precipice, and unless the Trump administration actively goes out to destroy the institutional structures which turned against middle America and its cultural foundations, all this election amounts to is a stay of execution.

Sam Francis initially had great hopes for the Reagan Revolution but was dismayed as the enthusiasm and energy of that movement was co-opted and decapitated by the politics and machinations of the managerial state. By the time Reagan left office, the state was bigger, more intrusive and less accountable. Regan, in many ways, built the state structure which was co-opted by the Democratic Left and later used to crush middle America.

Francis recognised that in order for any Middle American Revolution to succeed it had to dismantle the managerial state--insofar as it was feasible--and deliver power back to America's traditional bourgeois class. Failing to do so would simply result in a resumption of persecution with the next turn of the political cycle. Unless the Trump presidency is led and guided, it too risks being a Reagan v2.0. What gives me a lot of hope is Trump's reputation of not forgetting his enemies. He has also been given control of Congress and the House of Representatives.

I say "led and guided" quite seriously because as a result of this election, official "Conservatism" is dead, and a new one needs to take its place. The internet, and not the mainstream media, is now the forum of ideas and it's quite surprising to see just how influential it has been, especially with regard to the "Right". Trump, also, seems to have grasped its influence.

Its not the purpose of this post to give a detailed program but "culture management" and "power limitation" are the keys to enduring victory.  Leviathan needs to be hacked to pieces and it should be the role of the dissident Right to push the Administration in the right direction. For example, some of the ways which the Administration could dismantle leviathan is by;
1)Stopping the Federal subsidy of the Left. Defund and Tax the Humanities departments. Move them physically into minority areas and only provide "conditional funding". Make Humanities degrees conditional on completion of a STEM qualification and so on.

2)Break up the media monopolies. Recognise that the internet is now a utility and needs to be regulated as such. Break up Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.

3) Make it a Federal offense to mislead in journalism.

4) Decentralise, Decentralise, Decentralise. Only allow at Federal Level what can't be done at local.
5) Reverse the "Demographic Engineering" of the Left. Unchecked migration had the synergistic effect of dropping labour costs and turning the country "blue". It doesn't have to be done inhumanely. i.e. If your an undocumented immigrant you can stay but no citizenship rights and so on. Undocumented migrants should be housed in "Blue" areas since these people are more accepting of minorities.

6) Leave religion alone. Don't promote it, don't hinder it and so on.

7) Carbon tax on newsprint.
This has been, in terms of political drama, THE. BEST. ELECTION. EVER.  But I have often felt that given the apparent insurmountable odds faced by Trump, there has been something of the Divine active in the affairs of men. To quote Roissy;
I’m not a religious man, but it seems to me the Hand of God is guiding this election, and that He has notarized The Trumpening. The tragedy that accompanies this view is that even with God handing them every reason to vote Trump, a large group of Americans sees fit to defy His magnanimity. Well, the unwoke are about to be smote.
In Catholic circles we are currently in the Year of Mercy. I think we have been given--what many intelligent non-believers also believe--is one last chance.  We can't afford to stuff this one up. The gloves are off, it's a grab for power.


deti said...

"Like many other commentators, I felt that this was America's--and therefore the West's--last chance."

Pardon me for not sharing your optimism.

The most a Trump administration will do is slow the inevitable march to the Left.

America's (and the West's) last chance was decades ago. We are in a slow slide to the Left and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. The best that can be done is to manage the slide, corporately as much as can be done while individually preparing to defend, move, bug out, or stand our ground.

Anonymous said...

Fascism succeeded in Spain; communism fell in the Soviet Union. The Left- the marxist multi-culture- is defeated. We have no place for simpering defeatists in this mpvement to restore the republic. If not a republic, then a new rightist monarchy- whatever- which grinds communists into the dust of history. The "enlightenment" has only been around a few hundred years- authoritarian regimes which recognize the superiority of those who founded their nation / empire and favor them over "outsiders" have existed many times and places. The myth of equality and the tower of Babylon will once again be scattered to the wind.

Jason said...

Some good proposals doctor, especially the one about religion (although I think number three is a very bad idea, especially considering the authoritarian tendencies of our president-elect and too much of the Left). To allude to your first suggestion, I believe the best way to deal with the American university problem is to put a cap on the amount a student can get from federal loans, which would have the salurory effect of reducing the number who attend college (and which in turn would help drain the swamp and jettison some of the useless and hystericial Leftist beuaracrats in our higher education system, for lack of tuition funding). Perhaps caps should also be put on undergraduate slots in the humanities and social sciences, which would combat the inflation that afflects such degrees.

You (and maybe MK) might enjoy this Charles Krauthammer column, which reflects the positive and sensible advice of one who, like myself, could not stomach voting for either presidential candidate this season (although I think amnesty for all illegals is a bridge too far).

Anonymous said...

President Trump will hopefully realize that he must act decisively. He can not allow the communist, "progressive", whatever name the subhuman pieces of filth want to call themselves, to go slithering away, to lie in wait until they can deliver a deadly bite. He has got to finish them for good and all. The best course would be to arrest as many as he can as quickly as he can. The most dangerous among them ought to be known to him, he could get them first, and round up the rank and file afterward. Give the leaders public trials that expose their wickedness to the entire country, and then punish them publicly. The rank and file could be given the choice of imprisonment in a labour camp with the possibility of release if they were assessed at some point to no longer pose a danger to the decent people of the country, or they could be deported with no possibility of return to the socialist paradise of their choice. This would be an ideal solution, but I very much doubt anything like it will be done, due to the petty bourgeois mentality that recoils from actually doing something about evil instead of merely talking and complaining about it. If they persist in this wilful weakness, then the election of Mr. Trump will be for nought. Their enemies will return in a more virulent form than ever after a few years, and will gleefully cut their throats. It is as simple as that.

Nulle Terre Sans Seigneur said...

I think you strongly overestimate the Trump victory as a "Middle American Revolution". If his consistent flip-flopping and vagueness weren't enough, Trump's 100-day action plan just about proves it: his policies are almost indistinguishable from a GOP establishmentarian (or at least, what a GOP establishmentarian formally offers as his programme but never goes on to implement). The only exceptions are some quick nods to labor protection, which is what the Republicans have historically always been in favor of anyway. Even Dubya raised steel tariffs for a bit before backing off in 2003.

Trump was a bait-and-switch from the beginning, but the irrational paranoia of the left coupled with the pathetic drowning victim-like desperation of the so-called "right" (Are there really any rightists after 1789? - is an open question) has culminated in a completely distorted political picture of what is essentially a 50s-era liberal Republican like Trump. Disappointment will soon ensue as people find out that "anti-establishment" Donald Trump is anything but. That said, Trump did ride the waves of the culture war quite successfully.

As for misleading journalism, this is the norm. Newspapers historically have served the functions of being dissemination vehicles for political parties and minority political creeds (esp. nationalist movements), not unlike the blogging of today. "Objective" journalism was the product of media concentration in the late 19th/early 20th centuries. The alternative media is beginning to return things to status quo ante bellum.

I don't regard social media companies to be important targets of a sovereign reset as much as the more conventional press with their long-standing brand names. Google, Facebook and Twitter were important in propagating Trump memes and indeed (esp. Twitter) in making the alt-right visible - a mixed legacy, but still.

David Foster said...

"3) Make it a Federal offense to mislead in journalism"

A terrible idea. 'Mislead' is subject to endless interpretation. This could and would be used against anyone which criticizes the political Powers that Be, whoever those powers might be at any given moment.

The Social Pathologist said...

Thanks for the comments guys.


I think had Hillary won, the Christian persecution would have begun. Even if Trump proves to be a dud--which I don't think he will be--its given the Dissident Right four more years to group together.

@Anon: Fires needed in belly, I agree.

@ Jason, thanks. The social sciences, in particular, are the theological colleges of the Left and need to be shut down. They're basically centers of Marxist indoctrination.

I'll have a look at the Krauthammer article.


I think Conservatives have to recognise that the Left is not interested in a fair fight but is aiming for a grab of power by fair means or foul. It is an existential struggle we're engaged in.


I'm not a big believer in Populism or Democracy and Trump is definitely a populist. I admit he is an imperfect candidate. He has never made the claim of being an intellectual. Though I believe he is far smarter than many people take him to be. He may be a flawed candidate but firstly, at worst, he gives the Right some more time to spread its ideas around. However, secondly, his Serve America project and his appointment of Bannon indicate to me that he got a few surprises in store. I think he will be anti-establishment. He has a reputation of getting back at his enemies and I think that All Smith speech shows a man who has been betrayed by many of his "friends". He's got no love for the establishment.

Are there any Rightists before 1789? Were there Rightists before?


I'd much rather the profession police itself than the Government did, and forward cases it feels have been dishonest for prosecution. There is an assumption in the community that the Press--especially in prestigious organs--are telling the truth. Given the importance of a press in democracy in informing public opinion, this betrayal of public trust should be a punishable offence, simply because of the damage to societal functioning it causes. Good ideas can be suppressed for a long time by a press determined to do so and they don't always win through.

The huge game changer has been the Internet, but it too is slowly being monopolised by large corporations. The behaviour of Facebook, Google and Twitter in this campaign has been shameful.

Using the Government to police the Truth is a bad idea, but prosecuting breaches of the peace is not. If you've got better ideas of how to stop journalist from deliberately lying and getting away with it I'm all ears. I know as a doctor I have a duty of truth to my patients, even if I don't personally like them, and my profession regards it as professional misconduct were I to lie to them. I don't see why journalists shouldn't be burdened with the same obligations.