Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Death of the Alt-Reich

I've got to admit that I had a feeling that Trump would disown the Alt-Reich. I'm also of the opinion that Steve Bannon advised him to do it, not that I think it would have taking much prompting, since I'm also of the opinion that Trump would have found them personally repellent.

Back in 2008, when Paul Gottfried first coined the term Alternative Right, the alternate Right he was envisioning was an intellectually serious, politically active counterforce to the GOP establishment which had essentially been taken over by the Neocons. Gottfried's Alt-Right, I imagine, would be a more intellectually aggressive and politically active form of Paleoconservatism.

Spencer probably coined the term Alt-Right independently for his vision of the Right. But his vision, while promoting "white interests" seem to be far too comfortable with Fascism, anti-Christianity, materialism and 1488 crowd. Spencer the defended the quasi Nazi "pranks" of his followers with same plausible deniability with the same credibility as the New York times defended its objectivity with regard to the Presidential election.  For those who could see, it was bullshit, for those who wanted to believe, it was truth.

Part of the problem with using the same name for two different concepts is that amongst the proletariate is that semantic conflation occurs, so that everything blurs into one. To informed insiders, there were different elements of the Alt Right. To normies, the Alt-Right was just one group with a strong sympathy for the 1488'ers. It appears that it was the strategy of the 1488'ers to encourage this conflation so as to appear bigger than what they were. Unfortunately, many of the lowbrows in the Alt-Right seemed quite happy to go along, as "there were no enemies to the right".

Unfortunately, this attitude betrays a lack of understanding of what the 1488 crowd are about and reflects poorly on the intellectual aptitude on many who were sympathetic to it. Fascism, in all its variants is a modernist movement designed to appeal to right wing instincts, whilst Socialism is a modernist movement designed to appeal to left wing instincts. Both movements aimed to destroy traditional society and any conservative movement that wishes to embrace modernism is on a path to self destruction. In many ways, Fascists were the original Neocons and it was quite embarrassing to see just how many were willing to embrace right feels Modernism v2.0.

I'm proud to say that this blog called them out from the outset.

I've got to admit that whilst I disagreed with Spencer's politics I was impressed with his media acumen. But his "own goal" over the weekend simply astounded me. I could not believe he was so stupid.  His acolytes are now claiming he was framed but the fact of the matter is instead of telling his supporters, to "knock it off because some people won't understand the irony", when they did the Nazi Roman salute, he raised his glass to them. It was another Aleppo moment, mein Gruppenfurher. I couldn't believe he was that stupid.

At worst, I think he calculated that the time was right and he was hoping for it to be his Natsoc "coming out" moment, at best it was media naivety of the highest order. Did he expect the media to play fair? Didn't he expect the media to put plants in the audience? Doesn't he know how the Cathedral operates?

The Hail Trump moment pretty much sealed the fate of the Alt-Reich /Right by permanently allying it with the Nazi cause.  The optics, recored for posterity and reply to argument, will forever condemn it.  A Alt-Reich will remain as there are plenty of stupid people out there, but the legitimacy it was gaining has been completely lost.

Stick a fork in it, it's done.

BTW.  Ramzpaul, who has no link whatsoever with the blog, put up a very good video on the subject.  It's definitely worth a view.


Anonymous said...

It was/is jews pretending to be NON jews and equating the Alt Right with Nazism that is the cause of the death of the alt right, or "alt-reich", and the jews in Washington and in the MSM media and in Hollywoood know it was jews pretending to be NON jews who were/who are, the ones turning the Alt Right into a forum for Nazis. Except the Nazis are really jews pretending to be NON jews and the jews in Washington and in the MSM and in Hollywood fully well know it. The jews online pretending to be NON jews and lauding Nazism all the time and associating Nazism with the Alt Right and associating Nazism with us White Americans who want some patriotic and common sense government policies, they're on the same side of the jews in Washington and in the MSM media and in Hollywood. They give their fellow jews in Washington and in the MSM media and in Hollywood the perfect excuse to disregard us and disparage us and to point their fingers at us and label us "virulent hate-filled racists and murderers", when all us Whites in the Alt Right media want are some patriotic and common sense government policies for a change and are opposed to Globalism. It's jews pretending to be NON jews who are doing all the promoting of Nazism, and the jews in Washington and in the MSM media and in Hollywood know it. It's the job of the jews online pretending to be NON jews to turn the Alt Right media into some kind of Nazi media, turn the Alt Right into the "Alt-Reich" so all the important issues get drowned out by lots of name-calling , "we're racists, we want to exterminate all NON whites" "we are monsters", all total bullshit to deflect away from what the Alt Media is really calling for, some patriotic and common sense government policies for a change, and turn everything into a divide-and-conquer strategy for the TPTB. All smoke and mirrors ; The jews pretending to be NON jews and associating the Alt Right with Nazism are doing it intentionally as it plays into the hands of those in Washington and in the MSM media and in Hollywood who are gung-ho for Globalism and a One World Government.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

As usual, you are a faggot.

Cecil Henry said...

Nazi salutes are either stupid, or done with malicious intent toward the movement.

Take your pick. Both motives were there. It was incredibly stupid. Nazism has nothing to do with these issues.

So how will you stop people who hate you from doing Nazi salutes in your office in an attempt to destroy you?? Come on, don't cuck out on the issue.

Greg said...

It's interesting that it was people who identified themselves as Jews who were the ones making the salutes.

Joshua Sinistar said...

If you believe associating us with National Socialists will stop us, you're stupid. All your memes are belong to us. All you cucks who lay low with these parasites will die. They will kill you if we don't. I don't want to be friendly to enemies. I want them dead. Those stupid labels just get dumber. A White World is Western Civilization. If any of you believe you can have Western Civilization without White Supremacy, then visit the Fabulous Ruins of Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see the venom that has been pouring out of the 1488 camp in response to (in many cases mild) criticism from other parts of the 'alt right' in relation to this incident. Just look at some of the comments here, for instance.

And they are surprised that others want to distance themselves!

I've had misgivings about the prominence of the 1488ers for some time. This sort of BS over the last few days has revealed why I was right to. They are so socially-retarded that they don't realise that anything Nazi is completely toxic to normal, well-adjusted people. Yet they are so insecure that they cannot bear any criticism. The solution? Drive out anyone who doesn't praise Adolf Hitler! But they will only be constructing echo chambers, not gas chambers.

MK said...

SP,Stick a fork in it, it's done.

I think this whole alt-right thing is so...last decade. The left overreached so few (besides the media) really care anymore. Every race - whites included - are going to get really defensive in our multi-cultural times. Minorities will unify against whites, whites will decline in numbers, so they become just another racial group fighting and voting together. Nobody cares about the media anymore.

Yes, the "white" areas will continue to obsess about race (Seattle, Michigan, Europe, Oz, etc.) as a social selection tool. But slowly whites will realize their skin is their uniform and everyone else don't only hate them, they hate everyone not like themselves, so it's time to unify. Even powerful and brainy minorities like Jews, Chinese, Japanese: they also hate whites, but no more than everyone else. Whites will soon give up the whole "self-loathing" meme out of practicality. And the salute silliness will be seen as the joke that it is, not something worth discussing. Like blacks calling whites crackers or Hispanics calling whites Gringos. Who cares?

The Social Pathologist said...


Spencer could have immediately asked that the people who made the salute leave and disowned it immediately in front of the cameras. Afterwards, when interviewed on Red Ice radio, he did not denounce it, but stated that the "jews" were being ironical.


And it was interesting that Spencer did not denounce them.


If you believe associating us with National Socialists will stop us, you're stupid.

Your leader's doing a pretty good job reinforcing the association.


Spencer shot the movement in the head. He lost the normies.

Greg said...

"And it was interesting that Spencer did not denounce them."

What are the pros and cons of him denouncing them?

The Social Pathologist said...


He had the media filming him there. If he had told to crowd to stop it and that "that's not what it is all about", the media, at worst, wouldn't of broadcast the clip and, at best, would have shown him not to be a Nazi. It was a perfect opportunity to legitimise his movement and distance it from the Natsocs.

MK said...

JS, If any of you believe you can have Western Civilization without White Supremacy, then visit the Fabulous Ruins of Detroit.

How about those ruins in Tokyo? The divorce rate, the standard of living, and the sheer politeness there is better than any white country or culture (well, outside of say the Amish). It's clearly not as simple as skin color or religion.

Old Ez said...

Why do people who are not part of the alt right and don't know very much about it write articles like this? Ramzpaul denounced the alt right and pronounced it dead a year ago and proceeded to spend the next year talking about it like nothing had happened. This blog will do the same. Hopefully the authors' credibility will flag accordingly as the alt right continues its successful March through the culture.

The Social Pathologist said...

@Old Ez.

I've been in the Dissident Right--at least on the internet--since 2006. This blog is interested in the formation of an Alt-Right free of the Natsocs.

Anonymous said...

The 14 and 88 should be separated as they represent two different ideologies,White Nationalism and National Socialism.
They share at least one premise that is expressed in the proposition:
"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."
However they differ from one another in that National Socialism accepts many propositions that White Nationalist don't accept. These propositions are represented by the 88.
The difference between White Nationalism and National Socialism is the same as the difference between modern Zionism,which doesn't condone the extermination of Palestinians, and ancient Zionism which demanded the extermination of the Cannanites.
Two ideologies sharing some but not all premises are neither logically nor morally equivalent.