Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Send in the clowns: Or I hate Illinois Nazis.

One of the unfortunate patterns one observes when looking at the Right in the 20thC is that whenever it is about to snatch victory it self destructs. I think we're seeing this now with the success of the Cuckservative meme, a shiv which is gaining popularity because it encapsulates a contemptible truth which so well describes the modern day Republican leadership. However the meme is at risk of corruption because White Nationalists are trying to frame it along their own lines, and in doing so are subverting its effect.

In my mind, the two groups most responsible for the failure of the Right in the 20thC have been the traditionalists, who have failed to recognise new truths and continued to act as if they did not matter and the Nazi's. The Nazi's particularly deserve a special mention because no other group has so tarnished and impeded the right's ability to discus subjects such as race and nationality without it degenerating into a sordid squabble between vile entryists and others who suicidally bravely want to reasonably discuss the subject.  Normal people just want to stay away.

Whenever these clowns force their way into a discussion it invariably degenerates into a discussion about Jewish Mind Control™, Holocaust denial, Anti-Christianity, Nordic Runes, Whiteness distinctions, Racial purity, Genetic Calvinism, Social Darwinism and extreme forms of ridding ourselves of "Social Problems". Sympathetic treatments of Hitler abound.

Now the average man is a Cognitive Miser and thinks in the form of "associations", he is not rational. As soon as he hears the mantra of racial purity, the Pavlovian association of Nazi gets triggered and bought to his consciousness. The anal sphincter tightens, the nausea ensures and the odium rises. Normal people don't want to associate with it and in fact, enjoy seeing destroyed.

Furthermore, as I've argued in the the past, Nazism was a form of Alpha Socialism. In other words, it was Leftism dressed in Right Wing symbols: Stalin in drag. It drives my lefty friends nuts when I tell them that the Eastern Europe theater in the Second World War was a battle between National Socialists and International Socialists and yet it is the truth. It was sectarian. They guys who embrace this creed are in no way friends of the right.

There are serious problems in the West which are invariably linked with race and religion and which need to be discussed in an intelligent and dispassionate manner with a duty to the truth. Yet as soon as these entryists force their way in the discussion it degenerates into a brawl. Furthermore, any serious Righties who want to discuss the matter reasonably get painted with the same brush. The Left wins again. Any discussion in the future with regard to race and nationality has to come from a vantage point where these clowns are excluded.

Any change in system is not going to come from the top, rather it's going to come from large numbers of the shrinking middle class coming on board. Because they're the ones that make stuff happen. They set the school curricula, populate the universities, administer the media, and run the senior officer corps. The leaders set directions but nothing happens without the middle class. The odium these entryists generate in the middle class has to a significant degree alienated it from the Right and resulted in a leftward drift of society.

I'm not arguing that the subjects of race and nationality are off limits, rather they need to be discussed sensitively given the political and human realities involved. The clowns act as if this stuff doesn't matter.

Which brings up back to the term "cuckservative". As long as cuckservative means someone who, to quote  Roissy,
....... is a cowardly pussy who sucks up to leftoid equalists for mercy and pisses himself when he gets accused of racism, sexism, or anti-semitism.
All will be fine. But as soon as "cuckservative" begins to be defined as someone who doesn't have enough race consciousness or gives up "White Interests" the game will be lost. The Roissy version frames the concept along masculine lines, an area where the Left is weak. Reframing it along racial lines plays onto the Left's electoral strength. Already the the Left response to cuckservative is that it is a code word for racist.  Are White Nationalists on the Left's payroll?

Smarter people, years ago, recongised the poisonous effect of the Nazi right with regard to legitimate Conservatives.  Falling Down is such an underrated movie.( NSFW)


Unknown said...

You're just stupid. The enemy has black panthers and La Raza, and you don't see racism at all there? Why can't White people have racial solidarity? Why do only other races get to have racial organizations. If you don't want White Nationalism, then shut up. America is either White or will cease to exist dickhead! Americans only come in White. No one who isn't White gives a shit about freedom or private property. All those non-Whites are more than happy to sell their liberties for free shit. That's why the non-White World is run by Dictators and Autocrats, idiot!

13th Handschar said...

When modern Judeo-Christianity changed from a moral ethical self defense manual to a homicide suicide pact with feral hordes it lost all pretense to Godliness. The appearance of pedo priests gay bishops and lesbian rabbis officiating over feudal usury and baby parts trading only manifests its essential evil.

G_d will condemn this religion and its adherents as a form of self destructive paganism meant for the fire. But before then, G_d willing the hordes will slaughter
them in a Shoah of purification.

August said...

I think it would make some sense to delineate between white nationalists and actual Nazis.
Presumably, if we had freedom of association and the right to do business with people as we are supposed to in this country, modern white nationalists could be pretty happy. They could go buy land and peacefully build what they want, and keep the people they don't want out. They might not be able to have a sovereign nation, but in a proper federalist system, it probably wouldn't matter too much.

This is the sort of straightforward defense of Constitutional rights that cuckservatives have largely abandoned. Have you noticed the strategic retreats constantly made on the abortion issue? We've got to toss the GOP over the side to ever get abortion outlawed- notice there is now a professional 'pro-life' lobby, meaning their bread and butter comes from the issue remaining open. These small supposed incremental wins in recent years do not seem authentic at all, but rather a gift to the large corporate medical industry. The little clinics will disappear, but the big hospitals will be doing them, and they will probably get paid a lot more than those little clinics ever did.

Sure, we've been trained to hate on the 'racists,' but the racists don't appear to be the ones doing all the killing.

Unknown said...

The Nazis were leftists. Anyone these days who is sympathetic to them hasn't through things through.

Unknown said...

Your blog has been very enjoyable and informative. Why are you shooting those in the fox hole with you? Why are you policing your side?

Does the left police Gays who molest the children they adopt?
Does the left police the bloods, crips, black panthers, sharpton, jackson, ST TRAYVON?
Does the left police the millions of illegals, La raza, MS-13?

Save your bullets for you enemies.
Why do moderates always shoot their allies?

The Social Pathologist said...

@ Joshua and 13 Handschar

Obviously trolling me aren't you?


I think it would make some sense to delineate between white nationalists and actual Nazis.

Agree. The problem for the Right is how to discuss Race issues openly and objectively without the pinhead race supremacists starting a riot. I think the important thing is to acknowledge the importance of Race, and not be apologetic about it whilst at the same time keep the Nazi wannabees away.

By the way, I wouldn't be too sure about the "Racists" being too impartial about the abortion issues. Part and parcel of the ubermensch crowd is darwinian selection and culling of the "unfit". Unfit being whatever they deem it. Many of the White supremacists are avowedly anti-Christian and I think you'd be quite surprised at how accepting of abortion they would be.

@Bob, thanks for chiming in.


Why are you policing your side?

I'm policing my side because I'm sick of losing, and what shits me is just as we're beginning to make traction, I see these entryists spoiling it yet again. Furthermore, apart from the Race issue, there is fuck all to differentiate them from the Left.

Why do moderates always shoot their allies?

I think you're wrong about me being a moderate.

Bodichi said...
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Bodichi said...


What do think is an effective method to extract the term from those who do not share our views? The tool "cuckservative" is dangerously effective, how do we keep it from being co-opted?

August said...


You are right about some racists being okay with abortion, but I bring up abortion because it is clearly one of the many cases of political cuckoldry. It doesn't matter what the racists think about abortion- they are the leper caste. It matters what the GOP has done. This is what makes us always lose. Trump is allegedly polling higher among minorities than any other Republican candidate, and yet the mainstream keeps saying he is racist.

The Social Pathologist said...

@Bodichi (0031)

I think that some form of co-option is going to be inevitable, given the fact that Conservatism recognises group identitarianism/homophily is part and parcel of human nature. The difference between Conservatism and the Racial Radicals--We've got to stop referring to them as the Right as we are still playing in the Left's frame--is that Conservatism recognises the human dignity of the person and therefore this moderates any Social Darwinistic/unjust solutions to racial issues.

In the short term the best strategy, I feel, is define Cuckservative along "manliness" lines. The Left's tradition of promoting sexual ambiguity makes it particularly weak to this attack. Reframining it along manliness lines downplays the "ownership of the Nazis" but Unfortunately, this doesn't purge the Right of the them.

The Nazi purge has to come about from a deeper understanding of what it means to be Right wing. Unfortunately not enough analysis or promotion has been done in this regard. It is one of the imperatives of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Nazis were utterly different from Communists in important ways: opposition to the doctrine of personal and group equality, a belief in the primacy of genetics over environment, nationalism, and being Germans rather than Slavs. In both cases socialism was merely a pretext to gain power by centralizing control over the economy; those at the top were not averse to dissembling about their motives and beliefs in either case.

The Social Pathologist said...


Yes they were, but the difference is sectarian rather than metaphysical. I reckon you better go and study a bit further.

In both cases socialism was merely a pretext to gain power by centralizing control over the economy; those at the top were not averse to dissembling about their motives and beliefs in either case.

The underlying metastructure was the same. This might help

Sorry, but the battle between Nazism and Communism was a shitfight between the left.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone who recognizes the fact of a Judeao-Masonic conspiracy to destroy what remained of Christendom (which they accomplished decades ago) is a National Socialist. Roger Gougenot des Mousseaux, Monsignor Jouin, Leon de Poncins, Fr. Denis Fahey and Churchill himself (before the tribe got to him) were by no means National Socialists, and yet they all attempted to warn the public of the malevolent machinations of International Jewry. I suggest that you and your readers peruse the talmud and find out what the synagogue of satan really thinks about the goyim and about Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Immaculate Mother.

The Social Pathologist said...

@Anon @ 6.22pm

Jewish Mind Control, Eh?

Anonymous said...

They don't have to control the minds of the general public as the general public generally doesn't think in any meaningful sense of the word anyhow, they find it hateful, it's like going to the dentist for them. They prefer to exist at the level of emotion, imagination, brute instinct. One thing I will give Jews credit for is that they love to think. They know that they have only to get themselves into certain positions wherein they can influence other persons of importance and thereby the institutions which they are members of. These institutions set the tone for the society at large. They constitute only one or two percent of the population, yet they are to be found in astonishing numbers in banking, government, universities and the various media. This is true not only of the western Capitalist countries but of the Communist sphere as well. If you read the history of Communism you find that it was commonly called Judaeo-Bolshevism in days gone by for a very good reason. They made up 90% or so of the first Soviet Politburo, I suppose that's just a coincidence of course. The Jewish Question was considered to be of great importance by the finest minds of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and truth be told it still is. The difference is that people nowadays are either too stupid or too cowardly to face it. Let me leave the readers with a few quotes from the Talmud and a few Rabbis so they can better understand the mentality of those who have usurped power and deliberately steered the societies of the goyim onto the rocks with their incessant attacks on Religion, Family and Property.

Sanhedrin 57a " A Jew need not pay a Gentile the wages owed him for work.",Sanhedrin 57a again "When a Jew murders a Gentile, there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile he may keep."Yebamoth 98a : "All Gentile children are animals." There is much more of the same spirit from this, their so-called "holy book" which they consider superior to the Old Testament. It is also full of satanic blasphemies against Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother which I will here reproduce. This is why possession of a Talmud was made a capital offence by St. Pope Pius V.

Here are a few quotes from modern rabbis lest any should attempt to claim that they don't think like this anymore. "We have to recognize that Jewish blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing." Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, Ney York Times 6th of June 1989, page 5. "One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail." Rabbi Yaacov Perrin New York Daily News 28th of February 1994, page 6. Last but certainly not least is this wonderful jewel from Rabbi Ovadia Yosef "Goyim were born only to serve us, without that they have no place in the world--only to serve the people of Israel." A little further in his sermon he says "Why are Gentiles needed? They will work, they will plough, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why Gentiles were created." Anyhow, make of all this what you will, it seems pretty straightforward to me.

Anonymous said...

I meant to write not here reproduce above, in regard to the blasphemies. I should have caught that, but I'm tired.

Penrose said...

"Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” Goethe

We cannot overcome the strength of the progressives through weakness. It must be met with greater strength and the courage of our conviction. The people recoil more from the purity of weakness than they ever would from the sin of the strong. No one follows weakness. No one. Make yourself strong and others will follow.

Robert What? said...

I found your article quite interesting. I am an anomaly: I am a libertarian leaning, gun owning conservative who also happens to be Jewish and I live in an ocean of Obamatons. People taking pride in their "white heritage" doesn't bother me at all. However, my situation is a very lonely one: to many on the right, I am just another "lying Jew". To many on the left I am a self-hating Jew who would have been a concentration camp collaborator. I am hated by both sides.

The Social Pathologist said...


I hope so. Somedays I feel like I'm trying to hold back the tide.

Robert What?

Thanks for dropping by.

"I'm hated by all sides."

Dude, I get that all the time so I understand. The righteous are frequently very lonely.

Robert What? said...

@SP, thanks for the encouraging words, but I wouldn't dare consider myself one of the righteous.

Dystopia Max said...

Race and intelligence has been "managed" by geography, society, and the proxy forces of law, religion, and tradition in the past, if these did not now have but a shell of their former force, it would not now be necessary to address it explicitly among White European Civilization, who were able to avoid its questions much like Americans were able to avoid the question of democracy and representation through an inherited Puritan ethic and a ready frontier to toss the undesirables toward. When your race is already strong, you do not speak about its health, if I may paraphrase Chesterton again. And since the Form of Man is very highly influenced by the Race of Man, it's idle to speak of Masculinity(TM) or Tradition(TM) without speaking of maximizing the innate qualities bequeathed to you by your forefathers, and possibly even identifying which of them are common to all men and which common only to your particular human subspecies.

Remember the tweet:

"The #Cuckservative American Dream: to be surrounded by people who look nothing like you, with whom you have nothing in common whatsoever."

National Socialism is still an improvement over Weimar Republicanism, and Hitler was never as bad as any socialist who came afterward.

But it isn't really the case that this next election is between Hitler and Stalin. As a matter of fact, given the positions of the players, it's more of a Napoleon/Robespierre matchup, assuming Bernie Sanders takes the ticket. And I ain't voting for no Robespierre.

Unknown said...

You may not like White Nationalism, but your religion will not exist in a majority non-White country. Those "christians" who are not White do not worship what you do. The Mexicans worship Senta Muerta a nasty Death Goddess made from a headless Virgin Mary statue with a skull in place of the head. The black africans are merely doing voodoo with a black jesus istead of Damballah Wedo. This concept of freedom does not exist outside of the White Western World. The non-White World is a world of fatalism and savagery. Kindness is non-existent, and only the strong ever know peace. You who have lived in Civilization do not understand the Law of the Jungle that these creatures lives in. Your charity is considered a weakness. Your missionaries are suckers who feed them and they give back nothing. When food is short these missionary boobs will simply be tossed into the pot to feed these naked savages. This world will never know Civilization again without White Supremacy. Take your niceties to those who appreciate them. Your enemies laugh at your dainty pleasantries. They will bow to me or die.