Monday, September 08, 2014

Alpha Widow.

I'm still quite busy at the moment and therefore blogging is light. Still, this story in the Daily Mail caught my eye and is further proof of a concept developed in the manosphere: The Alpha Widow.

Now, I'm not going to say much about the article as it is self explanatory however I want to make a quick comment concerning Neoreaction and the manosphere.

As I see it, Neoreaction needs to be thought of as a ideological/philosophical movement aimed at restoring a true Conservatism.  The current state of affairs with regard to Conservatism is so bad in my opinion that almost anyone whose sole qualification is to be against the Left can claim to be conservative.  The rot is conservative thought is that bad. One area where Conservatism is profoundly diseased is in its understanding of female sexuality and is a classic example of the ideology working to further the enemy's aims. Any Conservative renewal is going to need a rethink in this vital domain of human existence and it's one of the reasons why I think the manosphere has an important role in getting conservatives on board with the real nature of female sexuality.


David Foster said...

Does this obsession with men from the past really require Sex in order to occur? Surely there were women 100 years ago who got jilted by a gentleman caller..or even were disappointed by a flirtation that didn't lead where they were anticipated...and then "carried a torch" for the man in question throughout later life...even though there had been no sex and indeed not anything that we today would even categorize as fooling around or making out.

The Social Pathologist said...


Does this obsession with men from the past really require Sex in order to occur?

I don't think it requires sex but I think sex strengthens the obsession. On the other hand, I could see how a woman, devoid of romantic love, could wish for it as well.

These sort of self confessions are pretty easy to find on the internet. (I've pulled this link out randomly)

What's interesting with all these confessions is that when you distill them you begin to realise that women have a "two channel" approach to their relationship status with a man. Firstly, there is obviously romantic/loving dimension and secondly, there is the sexual dimension. In order for a woman's psyche to be satisfied both need to be fulfilled.

Traditional morality has tended to emphasise the beta channel type of love to the near exclusion of alpha channel (erotic) type. Hence Beta failure and sinner success. Modern hedonism does the opposite. Alpha fux beta bux.

Höllenhund said...

"The rot is conservative thought is that bad."

Is that conservative thought is rotten, or that mainstream conservatives simply ceded the whole ideological battlefield to feminists, with the one exception of abortion rights?

"One area where Conservatism is profoundly diseased is in its understanding of female sexuality"

Maybe the simple explanation is that they gradually forgot what they once knew. As explained here by Alte:

It's not like their understanding was always erroneous.

Anonymous said...

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