Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rot Britannia

Further sign of decline from that once great power, Britain, stems from the northern English town of Rotherham. The sordid details of which can be found here. Now as someone with limited experience of the social services here in Australia, the abuse that was perpetrated on those of low socioeconomic status and in government care comes as no surprise. The poor, freed from the "oppressive" constraints of Christian morality and presided over, in their benevolence, by social services which never, ever have enough money, are sliding to a level of squalor and exploitation that would have made the owners of those "Dark Satanic Mills" proud.

Most of the Newspaper articles dealing with the subject have focused on the Pakistani origins of the perpetrators and the politically correct cultural shield which protected them. These things are irrelevant in my mind. Young children are being abused every day in similar circumstances. The fact that the Pakistanis seemed to be better organised and more "efficient" in their abuse than the average British thug does not take away from the fact the supervising authorities failed miserably in their duty of care to the children.

It appears that despite three internal investigations, no one in any senior position was aware of the the depravity of the situation. Not that these same supervisory authorities were incapable of acting quickly when notified of "genuine" danger.  Or when a Christian gets accused of sexual abuse.

What really stinks is that there are no consequences.  The South Yorkshire Council, which is a cesspit of Labour slime, are going to hold out till the controversy blows over, paid job and pension guaranteed. The Conservative government apparently can't dismiss town functionaries whose exercise of office is criminally negligent, though it doesn't even seem to care about doing so.
Speaking today in Dumfries, Mrs May (Ed: The Home Secretary) said it was not her job to select or dismiss police and crime commissioners but appeared to suggest he should heed calls from his own party to go.
WTF? I mean what use is there having any "conservatives" in power  if they can't clear the worst excess of the Left from office? Why is it that the Left can pretty much flout any convention, not be held to any standards, commit blatant fraud and rest assured that when conservatives are in power they have nothing to fear. I mean 1400 girls were sexually abused under their watch. How bad does it have to get?

And what about politics? Are the Conservatives so limpid in their vision that they don't want to exploit the situation to their political advantage? I mean where is "fire in the belly" and the desire to wipe the bastards out.  Absolutely nothing.  How does such dross rise to the top of the Conservative establishment? Is there not one intelligent conservative in England? Not that the Left's own instinct for survival is diminished. It immediately went into damage control mode and sacrificed the Police Commissioner, a paid member of the Labour party. The Left seems to act whilst the Conservatives dither.


Anonymous said...

Britain is currently in the midst of a witch-hunt with any and all accusations from any time period no matter how far back being considered as evidence in and of themselves, and financial compensation being offered as an inducement for more accusations.

You might not be aware, but I do know the first report on this alleged issue concluded it was stuff and nonsense and this was all the way back in 2004 or thereabouts. There were two more reports after that, but I'm not aware of their conclusions NOR who wrote them. What I do find hard to believe is that any politician in Britain, esp over the past 5 years or so, wouldn't find it nearly irresistible to run with a 'protect the victims' meme, which would seem to benefit them politically at next to no cost. In Britain, unlike America, it appears alleged sexual abuse of women (pretty much of women only) trumps cries of racism. Besides, while in America law enforcement disproportionately arrests blacks, the racial aspect of things is mostly gotten around by never talking about it, which is why so many crime articles omit the race of the alleged perp or suspect.

The same thing can happen here. I've read articles where the leftish 'victim feminsts' are practically drooling over the prospect that 70 percent of the abuse was allegedly done by non-pakis (i.o.w The White Male Demon).

Anyway, I think you misunderstand just how limited the evidence for most of this stuff really is, just how expanded the definitions of abuse have become (at the same time as the 'narrative' pushed by the press in Britain and America is about all the worst examples one can imagine), and just how much of this is driven by forces that care nothing for nativism or the native (British) legal culture and hence are purely destructive.

I urge you to read a blog from a woman called "Anna Racoon" *I forget her real name but she owns it* and make more nuanced analysis from the research you find there. Esp the research on Saville and Duncroft.


kurt9 said...

Do remember the scandals involving "kiddie fiddling" with Jimmy Savile and others at the BBC and other UK institutions. The rot runs much deeper than merely the fear of being perceived as racists. Additionally, every time the FBI does a child porn sweep with Interpol, they always round up lots and lots of Europeans.

Curia Regis said...

In most Western countries race trumps gender. But sexuality also trumps race.

Read more:

The Social Pathologist said...


Agree, the rot does run very deep. There is something very nasty going on here. The really worrying thing is the lack of accountability, or to put it another way, the legal protection from punishment that these individuals enjoy.


I think you misunderstand just how limited the evidence for most of this stuff really is

Depends what your standards of proof are. I understand there were a lot of "feral" children involved who weren't strictly "raped" but were "consensually" engaging in sex with men older than themselves. How much insight a just-teen girl of white trash stock has in order to give informed consent is not really open to debate. (hint-> they are not known for their wisdom and probity) These girls are easy prey and open to manipulation. I'm not talking here about the girls who are past the age of legal consent. Rather the young ones.

I've dealt with girls from this class and it is absolutely tragic to see them sucked into a vortex of depravity and ending up as feral slags. To a certain degree, their custodians, either family or state, has a duty of care to protect them from bad choices or from malign influence until they reach the age of consent. It's clear here that in several instances when the parents tried to intervene on behalf of the girl's well-being the state punished the parents.

Anna Raccoon misses a fundamental point. The fact that these girls come from broken homes and low quality households where poor example and neglect thrive does not in some way give absolve the state's of duty of care to them. Especially as the state has instituted bodies for the specific protection of children from such homes.

The problem is not that these children are feral, but the state did nothing to stop overt exploitation of these children when they became aware of the facts. I don't expect perfection from the state, but neither do I expect willful neglect.

I also think that there is world of difference between not provable in a court of law and didn't actually happen. Lawyers frequently conflate the two concepts.

BTW, thanks for the heads up about Racoon.


Thanks for dropping by.

kurt9 said...

The really worrying thing is the lack of accountability, or to put it another way, the legal protection from punishment that these individuals enjoy.

Remember that the primary purpose of bureaucracy is to protect those in it from any kind of accountability. This is the evil of bureaucracy which is really a banality of evil.

The Social Pathologist said...


I don't think that the failure of accountability is due to some form of "bureaucratic imperative". I'm more of the suspicion that there are "networks" involved.

There have persistent rumors of a link between high ranking members of the European and British Judiciary and Paedophiles.

MarcusD said...

Speaking of rot, what do you make of this article (and the whole situation)?:

I know a few men who now basically have contracts for nearly all interactions with women (plus having constant voice recording). One has stated that if he marries, he'll have his wife sign a contract plus do a BAC test before every instance of intimacy.

One starts to wonder if feminists are taking us back to the Victorian period.

MarcusD said...

I mean 1400 girls were sexually abused under their watch.

If I recall correctly, it was "at least 1400" - all the more disturbing, and just a single town.

The Social Pathologist said...


With regard to your college campus link, this is old news in the medical profession.

I work with a nurse part time. She is there to chaperone me when I perform gynaecological examinations. However when she's not there there is no way I'll perform a exam. Lest I am accused of abuse. The problem is that many women work and can only see the doctor after hours. If my nurse isn't there, well I can't perform a gynae exam. I have quite a few women pressure me to do it without a nurse but I've flat out refused. The legal risk is too high.

I think it will take a just a few more high profile cases to rapidly cool the college sexual market.

kurt9 said...

Yet another legacy of Tony Blair's "Cool Britannica".

Robert What? said...

The "Conservative" party in Britain is just a name they chose to call themselves. It has to association to the real world. They may as well call themselves the "Slithy-Toves" party. Just because they call themselves "Conservatives" doesn't mean they don't want high paying jobs-for-life and pensions, too. They figure that if they scratch Labor's backs, Labor will scratch theirs when the time comes. They won't, of course. The "Slithy-Toves" ... er ... I mean Republican party in the US seem to suffer from the same delusions.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

How bad does it have to get?

How long until we find out? One generation? Two?