Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Slutification of Taylor Swift.

I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Regular readers might remember a post of mine I put up on Taylor Swift. Well, Taylor seems to have changed her image quite a bit.

Gone is the nice wholesome girl next door image that she cultivated before. She appears to want to appeal to the carousel riding crowd. I imagine that she will draw many of her fans along for the ride.

Christian men please note. Sweet Taylor is singing a song about a douchebag. Its a song about about alpha love. More precisely it's about 5 mins of alpha love.

Taylor Swifts transformation is a good example of how a man should not conflate beauty with goodness. Frequently, when it comes to women, beauty is conferred on those who are otherwise moral idiots. A good woman is not just pretty but has good character. Now go and read this post by Roosh V.

For Christian men, the pickings are mighty slim.


Anonymous said...


I agree with this post 100% Good call.

See also: Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson, and even Carly Rae Jepsen.

Anonymous said...

The people generally referred to as "alpha" seem to be just simple parasites. Is that "alpha?" Are the alpha the way Israel Lobby is alpha politically?

Simon Grey said...

"For Christian men, the pickings are mighty slim."

Well, if Proverbs 31:10 is to be believed, this has pretty much always been the case.

CorkyAgain said...

(I watched the video with the sound turned off, so the following comments relate to the visuals, and not to the lyrics. Watch what they do, y'know, not what they say.)

She wakes up alone, abandoned, on a field littered with trash, like you see after the carnival has left town.

She has flashbacks of the wild party the night before. Pictures of Temptation and the Fall.

Poignant. But is it autobiographical? I think we need to watch and see what she does next.

asdf said...

"For Christian men, the pickings are mighty slim."

What happened to most men today being trash and most women today being way too good for them?

Ras Al Ghul said...

Yes its autobiographical.

Yea gads you all are naive, she has been, reading through the lines of ALL her songs, been a carousal rider.

She has ridden at least 5 horses, and that means the number is probably thrice that.

She never was an innocent.

The naked phone photo went around at least a year ago, probably more.

Where have you all been.

You all were mistaking the image the media was presenting for the real thing.

Matt Forney said...

"Slutification"? Taylor Swift was already a slut in her personal life; her "good girl" persona was just an act. This is just her being honest for once.

CorkyAgain said...

I admit, I haven't followed her career. So I can't speak to the claim that this video isn't a new development for her.

I just wanted to point out that this video shows what I think is an accurate portrayal of how modern girls fall. They "just want to have fun."

And fun seems to be the province of the dangerous boys she's hanging out with in this video.

There are a few quick scenes where one of these boys leers into the camera like someone demon-possessed. Pulling her in and down into the depravity of their carnival world.

The wild ride through the funhouse is exciting while it lasts, but in the morning you wake up sleeping in the trash.

CorkyAgain said...

... and as she says in the intro, they foolishly think that the devil wouldn't be leading them to someone who looks like an angel when he smiles at them.

As if the devil would be tempting them with something *ugly*. The tempting is always with something *attractive*.

Lucifer is the original hunk. He offers some dangerous fun too.

mdavid said...

Interesting link by Roosh V. Thanks for posting it.

I must say I didn't find his '50-'60 girls very sexy, but I got his point about modern girls. Food for thought.

Brendan said...

If you've ben following along, since Swift became "legal", she's been riding the carousel with abandon, going through men like water and using them as fodder for her songs. This is the essence of her popularity -- not purity, far from it, but because she writes about her real experiences riding the alpha carousel, and other women her age range (let's cast that net broadly at 15-30) relate to what she is singing very much.

It's hard to call her a slut, really, because she represents the new normal for women her age. Now granted she is far, far prettier than normal (she has truly model-level looks and would have clearly been a quasi-supermodel (or a full-blown one) had she not been musically talented. And I don't think her "innocence" schtick was an act, either -- I think, again, it reflects the mindset of many women in that age swipe who see themselves as being fundamentally innocent yet very sexually active -- which is the way Swift portrays herself.

In short Taylor Swift is the poster girl for the contemporary young woman -- a very supermodel-ish poster gitl, to be sure, but her popularity among her female fans (who are the overwhelming majority of her fanbase) has to do with her singing about experiences that are similar to their own, which has been the case for many of her songs, not just this one. This is the first big one about a ONS with an alpha, whereas the others have been about serial monogamy with alphas, but, as Dalrock points out well, these are really two sides of the same coin, and the former is something that most women who are doing the latter engage in a couple of times (or more, for some).

The Social Pathologist said...


The post should really be called The Slutification of Taylor Swift's Image.

I know fully well that she has been around the block quite a bit. Her latest antics seem to suggest that she has also acquired the subsequent insecurity that comes with the practice.

What interests me is how she is allowing her image to transform from "nice girl" to "girl with an attitude." She has a large young girl fan base and her image transformation might encourage others from her fan base to undergo the same transformation as well.


It's hard to call her a slut, really, because she represents the new normal for women her age.

A ho is a ho by any other name.

I think, again, it reflects the mindset of many women in that age swipe who see themselves as being fundamentally innocent yet very sexually active -- which is the way Swift portrays herself.

I dunno Brendan. From a cultural point of view Swift's image is more important than Swift the person. I think for much of her fan base Swift was a "nice" girl who based her relationships on love rather than animal sexuality. Her change in image emphasises the latter.

On one level, Swift may be someone young girls relate to, but on another, she is also a role model(alpha female). Her taking on a slutty image will push other young girls towards that direction.

As Anon at 2:21 mentioned others have paved a similar path before her. The constant message that is being fed to young girls is that as a woman matures she is expect to amp up the vampiness. These "stars" are effectively grooming their audience towards sluthood.

This is what Andrew Brietbart recognised. It's difficult to stop the sexual revolution when you've Taylor Swift, whom nice girls relate to, telling them that it is OK to be a slut. The fact that people don't think that Ms Swift is an explicit slut helps things along enormously.

The Social Pathologist said...

@Anon at 3:01

In the manosphere, when it comes to sexual dynamics, an alpha male is a male with the most erotic capital.

You pointy heads have a hard time with context don't you?

It always has been but times today are much tougher.

Most men are trash. But the picking are slim for the one's that aren't.

@Corky. Lucifer is not the original hunk. That's the influence of your Churchianity speaking. The Devil is almost pure evil, (completely pure evil would destroy itself) and therefore repulsive. He must cloak himself in other good in order to win converts. Hunkiness is a good made by God, not the Devil. It's just that Christianity has warred against the flesh for so long that it has conflated good looking with evil.

Roosh's women looked much more wholesome and fun. Modern women are so plastic.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift had a good-girl image before, but I always had a problem with her lyrics. The themes of her songs were always obsession with romance, the elevation of feelings above all else ("So I start a fight 'cause I need to feel something"), and taking revenge on someone for unrequited love.

Brendan said...

See, I don't think that the culture in general considers young women who have an occasional "it just happened" animal attraction ONS to be sluts. Nice girls do this, and remain nice girls as long as they don't do it regularly. That is, as long as the ratio is 70%+ serial monogamy and 30% or less animal attraction ONSs, your "nice girl card" isn't revoked. Taylor Swift is still a nice girl, therefore, who has the occasional ONS, and writes about it (just like she writes about her serial monogamy stuff with alpha males).

She's still not a slut, really. A slut is Ke$ha, not Taylor Swift. The threshold for sluthood is very high in this culture, which means Swift can still be a nice girl and engage in occasional promiscuous behavior -- because in 2012 that's what nice girls do. As long as a certain threshold isn't passed, she's still a nice girl and not a slut -- like Taylor Swift. And a huge proportion of 15-30 age women relate 100% to this.

Kathy Farrelly said...

"A ho is a ho by any other name"

Sure is, Doc!

"But at the age of 23, Swift has already had at least ten high-profile relationships (some more flings, really) that have all ended the same way — in song."

Now she may look so sweet and demure, yet she is just as much a slut as the trashy looking Kesha.
Probably more so in real life, because she is much nicer looking than Kesha, and would have the guys flocking to her.

Kesha is all talk .. I can find no links detailing boyfriends or casual flings. (she's not a good looker)

It's interesting that there is this perception that Swift is basically a nice girl, whilst Kesha is a slut, simply because of their on screen/ stage personas.

Now, anyone really think that Swift having 10+ partners by the age of 23 does not constitute slutty behaviour?

The Social Pathologist said...


Now, anyone really think that Swift having 10+ partners by the age of 23 does not constitute slutty behaviour?

Thanks for the link. She has been around a bit. But I think Brendan has a point. As long as you mind your P's and Q's and are quite discreet you're given more social leeway.

Still, with an N>5 she is risky material. Would not want one of my sons hitching up with her. High chance of herpes and God knows what else.

Höllenhund said...

Typical alpha chaser Western woman. Deeply irritated by not enough alphas being around, failing to realize that the society she and her sisterhood demand for themselves is only possible when all men are massively betaized through government intervention. As TFH always says, they have no clue about cause and effect. Makes me yawn. Excellent Roissy post on the subject:

Höllenhund said...

Forgot to post the other link:

Anononymous said...

I don't know why people think celebrities are attratctive.

She has a wierd deer-face.

Anononymous said...

"Still, with an N>5 she is risky material."

Should be:

Still, with an N>0 she is risky material.

Anonymous said...

You Wrote: "Let's assume that the median income for both sexes is somewhere between the 25-40 thousand band.

Under the influence of hypergamy, a woman from this band will find 58% of all single men (these are the men on her pay scale or above) attractive"

Actually, the number is much smaller. Read:

That link contains data published by the Pennslyvania Sec/State showing that the single mother with 2 young kids earning $29k recieves the same net income (net of taxes and welfare wealth tranfers) as she would earning an income of $69k. If you compare her to the father of her kids, and assume the guy wouldnt get custody, then the mother earning $29k earns the same amount of after tax real dollars as the man earning %72k.

So, because of feminism and the welfare state, a man needs to be earning $70k+ after hypergamy kicks in in order to keep the woman. According to these charts, that is not much more than 11% of umarriered men.

Anonymous said...

I remember once writing on OneSTDV's blog that Taylor Swift would end up this way. It's become part of the female singer life cycle. Some never turn full circle (Madonna, Maria Carey), some do (Aguilera, Gwen Stefani).

Back then, he thought such thought was too cynical. I'm sad to have been right. Poor OneSTDV.

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