Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Beta Tragedy.

A vastly underrated movie (I wonder why?). Duval and Douglas deserved Oscars (or at least some legitimate acting award) for their roles. I'm not saying this lightly, but it's probably one of the greatest movies of the 20th Century.

The last minute of this clip is especially worth watching.

The thing about this movie, is that Douglas is clearly the looser of the new world order, and while we may be sympathetic to his plight, there is clearly something wrong with him. Still, as damaged as he is, he is still less damaged that "winners" of our current society. In my mind, the real hero of this movie is Duval, who finally finds his manhood. He does this by restoring himself as the head of his family, protecting it, and leaving the morally corrupt organisation that employs him. Unlike Douglas, who in a mounting rage eventually reaches a point of self-destruction, Duval manages to find new life.


Lexus Liberal said...

Michael Douglas deserves an Oscar for his role in the "The Game". Now that movie was an epitome of psychological thriller.

*** ******** said...

this is one of those great movies that you oddly forget about it, but once you remember it, rewatch it, it's profound how much it has to say about a great many things: modernity, the family, masculinity, self-destruction, society etc.

The Social Pathologist said...

@LL he is a good actor.

@**** *****
It's a movie that I keep going back to. So profound in so many ways. In the scene which I linked to, the police chief's disrespect towards the Duval character would probably be missed by most people. The film is so good on so many levels.

ElectricAngel said...

I will have to go back and check it out. I was most impressed with it at the time, and with knowledge of game, it makes much more sense.

SP, I read a post of yours where you talked about the torment of staying at home and how it was not for many women; if TradCons want to undo much of the damage of feminism, they will need to address this issue. Any idea where that post is? I think the socialist takeover that led to suburbia in he USA underlies the "problem that has no name" that Betty Friedan had. Like dogs, women were not made to be left alone during the day.

I'm working on this idea; google the article Stadtluft Macht Frei for an example of the path.

The Social Pathologist said...


Is this the post?

The other post is this one.

Anonymous said...

how can a father "reclaim" headship of the family if the State usurps it from you and slaps you with a restraining order?

The Social Pathologist said...


how can a father "reclaim" headship of the family if the State usurps it from you and slaps you with a restraining order?

This is hard.

Assuming that you've done nothing wrong, the answer is to a "Nelson Mandela" and behave with great dignity even though your balls are being squeezed in a vice.

If you have access to your children, then make sure you're not a dick about access. Pick them up and drop them off at the appointed times. When with them, behave like a dad, do not indulge them.

When by yourself, instead of wallowing in self pity, hit the gym, dress as best as you can and educate yourself in some way, especially something arty. It will dissipate the hate and channel the energy into giving you more "polish". If you have the means or get a chance, travel.

As your kids it's a strategic battle, not a tactical one. Don't rubbish your wife, even if she is the biggest skank in the world, especially to your kids. Kids aren't as stupid as you think, they can pick up the vibe very quickly. All kids want their parents to stay together and they pretty soon work out who is at fault. Make sure you remember your kids on birthdays etc with some form of card, especially with registered mail. The impression you want to give to your kids is that you are a good and resourceful man, not a loser who has been kicked out of the house

Also some personal reflection is in order. Perhaps your wife is justified in her actions. If you drink too much, if you are a slob, have anger issues or other obvious personal faults then get your shit together.

The Social Pathologist said...


Dyslexia is bad this am.

As your kids it's a strategic battle

should be....

As for your kids it's a strategic battle