Friday, August 26, 2011

Whittaker Chambers: The failure of Conservatism.

In the years when Communism was advancing successfully against the West there were those who believed that its disruptive power was its power to manipulate a Fifth Column composed of non-Soviet Communists, sympathizers, fellow travellers, dupes, opportunist politicians, hitchhiking with Communism as they would in any other vehicle that seemed to be going part of their way-in short, the kind of debris and dust that almost anything with sufficient gravitational pull attracts and keeps whirling around it. I held that such elements, while dangerous, were not Communism's chief power in the West. I held that power to be something else-the power of   Communism to manipulate responsive sections of the West to check counteract, paralyze, or confuse the rest. 'nose responsive sections of the West were not Communist, and never had been. Most of the minds that composed them thought of themselves as sincerely anti-Communist. Communism manipulated them, not in terms of Communism, but in terms of the shared historical crisis-peace and social justice being two of the most workable terms. They were free to denounce Communism and Communists (and also anti-Communists) after whatever  flourishes their intellectual innocence or arrogance might choose. Communism asked no more. It cared nothing, at this point, about motives. It cared about results.

Unlike Communism, the West held no unified solution for the crisis. In face of the crisis, part of the West reacted with inertia- inertia, in the simple terms of the physics primer, that is, the tendency of a body to remain at rest or in a straight line of motion. But the responsive section offered a solution for the crisis. This solution, whatever differences it assumed from place to place and time to time, whatever disguises Political expediency or preference draped or phrased it in, was always the same solution. It was the socialist solution.[Ed] Derived, as doctrine, from the same source-the historical insights of Karl Marx-the socialist solution differed from the Communist solution chiefly in political methods. One difference consisted in the slower rate of speed at which socialism proposed to apply its solution. Another difference concerned the kind and degree of coercion that socialism would apply to impose its solution. In practice, no socialist government had yet pushed its solution to the point where full coercion must come into play. Therefore, this difference bad not yet stood the test of reality. Otherwise, between the end solution that socialism and Communism both hold in view for mankind-the matured planned economy of the future-the difference was so slight that it would be difficult to slip a razor blade between them.
(Whittaker Chambers. Cold Friday)

Conservative thinkers do not spend much time dwelling on why leftism has made such inroads into society which I think has been a fundamental error in conservative thought. Instead they spend their time try to combat the spread head on, instead of trying to tackle the pathology at its source.

As mentioned previously by Chambers, Socialism (and its bastard brother Fascism) did not arise in a vacuum, rather they were a  cognitive response to the social crises of the times. They were an attempt to solve the problem and hence were proactive remedial proscriptions and offered hope. The fact that they were eventual quack remedies is irrelevant in terms of their effect to elicit societal transformation, since what they offered was hope to multitudes in a promise for a better world.

People just fail to understand how bad life was for the bottom rungs of society in the late 19th Century. The massive migrations to the New World by Europe's poor, hungry and homeless masses, in age where ship travel was risky business, and return was very difficult, illustrates just how much people wanted to escape the social situation of the times and just how intense the pressures were. The great migrations of the English to the New World was testament to just how crap life was like in ye Old England. The same could be said for all of Europe.

Chamber's astute observation was in recognising that traditional Europe's response to this problem was nothing: inertia. It resisted any form of change.

Socialism offered a quack solution for the problem, but it did offer a solution. Most men are not profound or elaborate thinkers, judging things by their appearance instead of their true nature's, and faced by a choice of a traditional miserable life or promise for a bright future, it was a no-brainer for most men. To passionate believers in Socialism, Conservatism became the enemy whilst to the less passionate, Conservatism became irrelevant.

Now Chambers appears to have had a different view of conservatism than many conservatives have of it;
I think I have gone beyond the conservative position. I have found that behind it lies something much more steadfast-the  conservative spirit, or, if you will, the conservative principle. Ages change, politics shift and slither-the conservative spirit does not change. It adjusts because it is a summation of human wisdom, and in a  sense organic, it looks from the fastness of life, and bends or yields to what is passing, but maintains, as the light shines in darkness, what is everlasting because it partakes of it itself.
Note that Chambers felt that conservatism was adaptable whilst keeping a core essence, he was no traditionalist. For Chambers, the traditional conservative position, which was both unyielding and inflexible, was part of the root cause of the crises, the festering sore which seeked a remedy, even a quack one.

Chambers' position however raises an interesting theoretical question. How much can conservatism change before it ceases being conservative?  Chambers seems to allude to some underlying "core principle"  which underpinned a degree of flexibility. I think Chambers is partially right here in identifying that conservatism is flexible to a degree as opposed to traditionalism which isn't. The mistake I think that traditionalists make is taking the form of conservatism at a particular point of time
and mistaking it as its substance, conservatism is far deeper.

Where I disagree with Chambers is where he places the locus of this Conservatism, seeing it a summantion of human wisdom. This may of been the case in Ancient Rome or Greece, but it is not the Conservatism of the West. The Conservatism of the West is a Christian Conservatism and hence its underlying principle is Christian. If I had to identify this inflexible core in Christian Conservatism it would be rooted in Caritas, the stuff of God operating in Man. Christian conservatism as such is an expression of Caritas. The word is frequently translated into English as Charity or Love, but I feel that it something more ecompassing than the limits that these words place it on it. At its essence, it is not only goodness itself, but in act which flows from it. Caritas is the inflexible principle of conservatism.  Local and temporal contingencies will affect the expression of Caritas but its underlying nature will remain the same.

The Christian religions teach that Caritas is a grace given to man by God and its also why there will be no Western revival without a bended knee. No Caritas, no West. It's as simple as that.


Thursday said...

The problem with conservatism was that it didn't recognize that capitalism had changed the game:

Nietzsche said...

Americans are the most generous people in the world, measured by charitable giving as a percent of GDP. Americans give twice as much (1.67% of GDP) as the next most charitable country, the U.K. at 0.73%, according to this study by the Charities Aid Foundation (chart above is taken from the study). Americans give almost 12 times as much as the French and almost 8 times as much as the Germans. In fact, Americans give more as a percent of GDP than France, Germany, Turkey, New Zealand, Singapore and the Netherlands combined.

And charitable giving in the U.S. set another record in 2006 at almost $300 billion, about the same amount as the GDP of Denmark, Greece, Austria or Norway.


The failure of American charity is that it is given out to foreign nations, before handling domestic issues and needs of the American public. $300 billion would feed all Americans, pay for their housing, medical costs and education.

The Social Pathologist said...

It really depends on the survey you read. Still Americans are remarkably generous.

I just want to be clear in my meaning of caritas. I have used that word instead of the usual "charity" as charity has become so associated with the giving away of money ( which is but one manifestation of caritas)that it clouds the conception of it. Caritas needs to be thought of as the will to perfection whereas evil is the will to corruption.


Glad to see that you're still around.

Agree. It's not just capitalism but technology as well which has changed the game.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, the west must return to the Holy Catholic Faith, purged of the "spirit of Vatican II" & all of those who adhere to it. As Belloc often noted, as the tide of the of the Faith has flowed out, a tide of neo-paganism & atheism, & consequently of tyranny has flowed in to fill the vacuum. Most of what we have seen in the modern world is simply the making of the potential ideas to be found in the pernicious doctrines of the heresiarchs actual. Igor Shafarevich, Solzhenitsyn's friend wrote about this at length in his book "The Socialist Phenomenon". A quotation on the Anabaptists reads " Communal property was introduced. Everything earned by the brethren was handed over to the common treasury, which was supervised by a special "distributor". The "good police" controlled the whole life of the community-- Clothing, lodging, upbringing of children, marriage & work." Of course it could be argued that socialistic ideas were known in Antiquity, well before there were any Protestants, but the disease in its modern form is indeed descended from Protestantism, as Shafarevich writes "In the period when socialist ideas were developing within the framework of the ideology of the heretical movements, they acquired a series of new features which cannot be found in Antiquity. In this epoch, socialism turned from a theoretical, scholastic doctrine into a rallying point & a motivating force behind broad popular movements. Antiquity knew harsh national catastrophes that culminated in the ruination of states. The most impoverished groups of the population did on occasion seize power, kill the rich or oust them from towns; property was taken & divided: in Kerkira in 427 B.C., in Samos in 412 & in Syracuse in 317. In Sparta, King Nabis, in 206 B.C., divided among his followers not only the property but also the wives of the rich. However, the popular movements of antiquity did not know the slogans of COMMUNALITY of property, COMMUNALITY of wives, & they were not directed against religion. All these traits emerge in the Middle Ages" (I used the all capital spelling for "communality for emphasis as the original was italicized, & not being a computer expert, I haven't the foggiest idea how to reproduce that herein) Auguste Comte, the founder of the "humanitarian" religion, which was pretty much a worship of man rather than God wrote that the ideas of the French Revolution were simply the application of Protestant ideas to the realm of politics. It started with the idea that every man could be his own pope & ended with the idea that every man could be his own "god". Of course it is true that the people of Christendom became ever more corrupt & given very often to pride & licentiousness as the Middle Ages progressed & especially with the beginning of the Renaissance. We all know the story of the excesses of pope Alexander VI & so on. This is likely the reason that God allowed the Protestant Revolt to occur in the first place. The people need to be truly converted, to do penance as the people of Ninive did at the preaching of Jonas if there is to be any hope of recovery, of a revivification of western civilization. As you wrote, "no caritas, no west". Unfortunately, barring some great miracle of God's grace this doesn't seem likely. If the people had hearkened to the message of Our Lady which She gave to mankind at Fatima, then maybe it could have all been averted, but I really believe that it is now far too late & that the Chastisement Of Her Son, which She foretold would happen if men hardened their hearts & continued living evil lives will soon fall upon the earth. Perhaps afterwards the few survivors will build up a new Christendom. Thank you for these articles, they are of great interest. God bless.

JMSmith said...

Communism was an ideology that explained a very large number of human discontents as consequences of an oppressive social structure. When that structure was radically transformed by revolution, all those discontents would go away. We must always remember that, in communism and other ideologies, the "revolution" is not a war. It is a comprehensive transformation of the human condition. This is especially hard for us Americans to remember, since our "Revolutionary War" had very limited objectives.

There is, of course, a revolutionary ideology called conservatism, but conservative thought properly so called is anti-revolutionary. It is not opposed to change, but it is opposed to comprehensive change. It is not opposed to remedies, but it is opposed to panaceas. If we compare society to a house, the revolutionary wants to raze the house and build a new one, better in every way. The conservative, on the other hand, fixes and remodels the house as problems emerge.

There were conservative reformers between 1850 and 1950. What made them conservative was that they saw problems such as prostitution, alcoholism, poverty, and civil rights as separate problems, not as aspects of a single underlying cause, such as "capitalism," "patriarchy," or "racism." In fact, a conservative isn't likely to tackle a vast and complex abstraction like prostitution or alcoholism, just the problem of this prostitute, or this alcoholic.

Of course none of this makes for stirring speeches. The conservative approach to social problems offers one lots of work, and not much hope.

The Social Pathologist said...


Spot on, the west must return to the Holy Catholic Faith, purged of the "spirit of Vatican II"

The current pope, who is no ideologically lightweight, has reaffirmed that Vatican II was a good thing. I agree. Catholics, like Conservatives in general need to ask themselves why did the temple crumble so quickly? Had the faith been healthy before hand it would of easily withstood the blows from secular society; and yet it didn't. Perceptive conservative Catholics realised that there was something wrong, wellbefore Vatican II.
Chambers quotes several Catholic writers in his book who realised that the faith was dying from within even though the externalities appeared OK. I hope to post more about this topic on a later post.


It is not opposed to change, but it is opposed to comprehensive change.

The only revolution that conservatism should be interested is the revolution of the "truth", the ideology of conservatism is based upon living in "truth". As such, the revolutionary potential in any conservative is in the difference between his love for the truth and the reality in which he lives. The more his world is built on lies the more he feels the visceral urge to rebel.

You are right though that the Conservative does not believe that there is a "simple" solution which fixes everything. The problem is though that simple solutions appeal to simple men, and most men are simple. Hence the appeals of communism and fascism to the "mass man" and their repulsion to anyone with half a brain.

MarkyMark said...

You know why communism/socialism won, and conservatism didn't? It's simple: the other side is willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to win, and we're not. For them, the end justifies the means. Whatever means, fair or foul, are used, doesn't matter; what matters is the achievement of their objectives. It doesn't matter if that entails lying, stealing, torture, or even killing; if it advances the cause, then it's okay. That's the simple metric the other side uses: does it advance the cause? Then it's okay.

Since conservatives are not constituted like that; since conservatives are more inclined to follow the rules; since they have a moral code; they cannot and will not do whatever it takes to win. IOW, a conservative person cannot and will not adopt an 'ends justify the means' approach. It goes against their very nature. Ergo, conservatives will lose every time.

Anonymous said...

MarkyMark makes a very good point. It reminds me of Yeats's poem the Second Coming "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity". Modern conservatives are liberals in the classical sense of the word. They believe in Masonic rubbish such as "freedom of expression", which means of course that blasphemers & subversives are to be allowed to run amok & do whatever they flipping well please, because after all enacting a sane law forbidding such activities & administering proper punishment to such worthless scum would infringe their "rights". This so-called "freedom of expression" was condemned with many other pernicious doctrines by Blessed Pius IX in his Syllabus of Errors. One of the very few times in modern history that the forces of light triumphed over darkness was the Spanish Civil War. General Franco wasn't a liberal. He knew how to deal with the red beasts. If the Tsar had dealt with the filth in the same way that General Franco did during & after the war there might never have been a red revolution in Russia. The Tsar was far too soft with them. Lenin & the rest of the rot should never have been let out of Siberia. The Tsar's softness was rather like treating a raging infection with an insufficient amount of antibiotics. Far from killing it out, it only makes the bacteria stronger. That's what socialists, anarchists &c. are : human bacteria that infect a nation & slowly destroy it from within. This abominable softness of modern conservatives is also responsible for the high crime rate in so many places. If those guilty of such things as breaking into houses & robbing, raping & murdering the occupants were publically beaten to death with an iron bar as was done in the Middle Ages, you can rest assured we would see far fewer such atrocities committed. Modern conservatives fail to realize what they are dealing with. It seems that they regard their opponents as being reasonable, as being much like themselves in most ways, only differing in the ideas they hold. That is their fatal weakness. They must realize that in reality they are dealing with brutal ravenous beasts who understand only one thing, brutal armed force. That is the only way that the reds were kept out of Spain ( until General Franco's death, may he rest in peace) that is the only way that crime was kept down througout history, & it is doubly true in a worthless degenerate society such as we have today. Modern man will not leave off doing something simply because it is wrong. He must be constrained by armed force to leave off doing it. The tyrants that rule now are criminals themselves & so of course they sympathize with their lesser brethren. That's one of the reasons that criminals are treated softly & decent people are punished for defending themselves & so forth. Softness, effiminacy, extravagance & luxuriousness are their own punishments. Those who give in to them are doomed to be subjugated by others who have kept themselves free of such corruption. The Russians will dominate in the future along with the Chinese, not because they are good, but because however much they may be guilty of other things they are not simpering cowards. The effiminacy one sees throughout the west simply isn't present in their countries. When sodomites try to parade themselves in Russia they are arrested en masse. That would never happen in the effeminate countries of the west. Here they are protected & glorified. That is why the West is dying, because the greater part of the people preferred to live lives of baseness & filthiness. They'd much rather wallow in filth & gratify themselves without restraint than to serve the God of their ancestors. How those who died defending Christendom would mourn, if it were possible for the blessed to feel pain, to see how their unworthy descendants dishonour them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous again, as regards what was written about western decadence, General Franco &c, I was thinking from a historical perspective, of what COULD have been done to stop it in the past. It's far too late to reverse any of it at this point, regardless of the measures taken. It'd be like trying to stop a ship from sinking when only the last few feet of the stern are above water. Anyhow it seemed that a clarification was in order lest some well-brainwashed socialist type jumps at the opportunity to say that Anonymous is a fascist terrorist are some such thing.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, your children belong to us, bitch.

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