Friday, June 17, 2011

Cool Britannia: Chav Empire.

The things you see at Royal Ascot.

On ladies day no less! It's all class.

Elgar's Britain is dead. So sad.

(From The Daily Mail)


The_King said...

The increase in chav behavior in Britain is a testament that nuclear families are needed for adequate social control and regulation of undesirable typical working class behavior. There is going to be a similar trend in the U.S., as marriage rates decline and more future criminal bastards crowd the street.

As a 22 year old, I find myself in the company of older gentlemen to avoid these type of nonsense. I was particularly struck by the behavior of Canadians after losing in the Stanley Cup. These events just calls for more social control measures by the political elite.

Using a bottle in an altercation is truly preole and mortifying.

Oroboros said...

Enjoy the decline!