Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Digression.

To tell the truth, I'm not actually that interested in the Dominiqe Strauss-Kahn controversy. High powered officials have a long history of being stupid, especially when it comes to sexual matters. However what really struck me as absurd, is that the head of the IMF is a Socialist. In fact; a former communist.

It would be like putting Trotsky in charge of the Fed.

Life is stranger than fiction.


Anonymous said...

Actually, no. The IMF/Worldbank are by their very nature socialist institutions. They were founded by a Fabian Socialist (Keynes) and a convicted communist spy (Harry Dexter White).

Similarly, putting Trotsky in charge of the Fed would not be that far a stretch. Centralizing money and credit in the hands of a national bank is plank 5 of the communist manifesto. The Fed, although widely associated with capitalism, is in fact a socialist central planning body.

You should read the Creature from Jekyll Island. Its spotty in some parts, and goes off the deep end, but in general its still an excellent introduction to the monetary system.

Unknown said...

Indeed, that anyone thinks that the IMF and World Bank are capitalist is what is bizarre to me.

What happens is that when one group of socialists get power, all the other socialists think he is right wing, because all the other socialists don't have power.

And those socialist that are in power think the world is moving rightwards, because they issue commands, and instead of utopia happening, disaster happens.

What we now call the World Bank and the IMF were proposed in the communist manifesto.

The IMF and world bank was created by socialists to pursue socialist objectives, is staffed by socialists, and does pursue socialist objectives with money, guns, massacre, and, as in the Ivory Coast, ethnic cleansing.

Those socialists that are not on the inside, call the IMF capitalism because they are not the ones in three thousand dollar a day hotel suites, and those that are on the inside, think that it is capitalism every time some stubborn peasant resists ethnic cleansing.

Svar said...

@ James

Interesting, I never thought of it that way.