Friday, October 08, 2010

Trends that Will End Badly.

Today, Roissy put up an interesting post on the subject of anal sex. The practice seems to be entering the mainstream. It's my personal belief that it is due to the ubiquity of porn and its influence on modern Western Culture. Coincidentally, the local medical press recently reported an increase in the rate of anal/rectal cancer amongst the under 40's. Note, the rate seems to have commenced it rise from about 1984, about the time of the home video revolution. Video, it appears, did more than just kill the radio star.

Perhaps there is a link?

Here is a table reproduced from the same study.
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Once again, numbers matter.


knightblaster said...

Without question the increasing normalization of anal sex is due to the widespread pornification of the culture, especially among the under-30 set who basically grew up marinating in internet pornography.

Internet pornography is having a profound impact on actual sex, really, normalizing its own conventions -- many of which were never "on the menu" for the normal sex life of the average person. As a whole, sex has gotten more technical, more focused on technique, overall rougher with more focus on male dominance, there has been an increased focus among women on male penis size, stamina, and sexual (i.e., in bed) aggression and power, and so on. Real world sex is becoming more like pornography, because pornography is becoming the place where young people first learn about sex -- and they have taken these lessons to heart.

Anonymous Protestant said...

The Gardasil vaccine is being pushed not only for women in their 20's but for the teenagers and even earlier. This is the product from Merck that allegedly protects against some of the virii that are known to cause/promote cancer of the cervix. You may recall a time a couple of decades back when there was an alleged link between circumcized men and women who did not get cervical cancer; this stemmed from a study in which it was found pre-WWII that orthodox Jewish women were unlikely to get that particular cancer. Instead, it's the lack of certain STD's that matters. Naturally, the idea of chastity as a means to avoid disease is regarded as absurd.

I've wondered for a few years now if there isn't a connection between sexually transmitted disease and at least some cancer of the prostate as well as other tumors. Doubt that any government would fund such a study...

The Social Pathologist said...


I've wondered for a few years now if there isn't a connection between sexually transmitted disease and at least some cancer of the prostate as well as other tumors.

I can't find the study now, but their does seem to be and inverse relationship between the frequency of ejaculation and prostatic cancer. i.e. More sex, less cancer. Penile cancer is also meant to be associated with HPV, though penile cancer rates are very, very low.


Porn is the unspoken of elephant in the room. Easy and private access to it on the net is having a huge influence on people's behaviour. I've mentioned previously on my observed correlation with "the Brazilian" and Sex in The City.
Stick around, I've got a paper which you might be interested in making a comment on.

Anonymous said...

penile cancer rates are very, very low


That's one situation where the cure is worse than the disease.


Dex said...

Demographics should probably be factored in here. Ron Guhname at The Inductivist did a post on Education level and anal sex using date from the National Couples Survey. Seems the more school, the less likely the woman is to engage in it.

also broken down by race:

Apparently I should have gotten wit that navajo dropout when I had the chance...

kurt9 said...

Not only anal/rectal cancer, but anal sex is the primary transmission route for HIV/AIDS and we certainly do not have a cure for that.

Anonymous said...

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