Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Verdict.

I've been waiting for my "higher authority" to get back to me, they haven't officially as yet, but Annoymous of 5.58 pm sent me a very interesting post which I think settles the matter.

"I don't know if a Jesuit qualifies as "higher authority" but he's probably more likely to be right than a bunch of guys yakking on the web. One of the instances Father Hardon gives below (in his Pocket Catholic Dictionary), is almost exactly analogous to the discussion at WWWtW...

(Father Hardon then goes on to discuss the principle of double effect and gives the following example)

...the commander of a submarine in wartime who torpedoes an armed merchant vessel of the enemy., although he foresees that several innocent children on board will be killed.

(Father Hardon then states that the action is licit if) All four conditions are fulfilled :
  • he intends to merely lessen the power of the enemy by destroying an armed merchant ship. He does not wish to kill the innocent children;
  • his action of torpedoing the ship is not evil in itself;
  • the evil effect (the death of the children) is not the cause of the good effect (the lessening of the enemy's strength);
  • there is sufficient reason for permitting the evil effect to follow, and this reason is administering a damaging blow to those who are unjustly attacking his country.
You were right, at least according to Father Hardon, S.J...

Oh, and who was Father Hardon S.J. ?

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The defence rests.

We praise God and not our strength for it.

Btw, Annonymous; good wine shall be drunk in your honour.


Anonymous said...

Glad to be of service. I'm having a cold beer right now myself!

I didn't realize Father Hardon was so illustrious and well regarded. I think that you're right - this settles it, at least to my satisfaction, if not the guys over at WWWtW. Of course, I get the impression that nothing will convince them...

The Social Pathologist said...

There is always hope. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I'm American. I wasn't actually drinking beer at 8:01 AM. It's 6:30 pm here in Kansas, and 97 degrees F outside...

The Social Pathologist said...

By the way, I'm American.

Some of the best people are. That's pretty hot. Have another beer. :)