Sunday, April 01, 2007


Orwell was right; Many on the left have a remarkable capacity for doublethink. For those of you who don’t know what doublethink is a definition is in order: Doublethink is the capacity to hold two mutually contradictory thoughts in ones head and not notice the contradiction. It’s almost a prerequisite capacity in order to belong to the Left.
The latest cloning bill bought before the Victorian Parliament would support genetic manipulation of the embryo. But here’s the rub, why are they against genetically modified crops but for genetically modified humans? Beats me.


James Farmer said...

a friend once told me, "If you're not liberal, I can't talk to you." I didn't understand then, and I can't understand now, how this could at all be a rational or "liberal" disposition. i have a chip on my shoulder against the Left in America (my home, if you couldn't decipher that..).
i stumbled upon this blog randomly, by searching for an article i once read as part of a standardized test written by someone who felt "irked by the modern environmental movement" as "all animals manipulate their environment." coincidence?
it's odd to see you ruminate on multiculturalism. I don't know how multicultural Australia is, but the U.S. is no longer a nation of European colonists (example: four southern states have populations of which at least 25% speak predominantly Spanish). i've grown up with multiculturalist, globalist, bleeding-heart propaganda pounded into my brain, and i can assure you: nothing is more asinine and hopeless than a gradual loss of cultural identity. it all seems nothing more than a hoax propagated by the likes of NAFTA-happy corporations who love to manipulate labor markets in "undeveloped," "fascist," or "Communist" nations too cleft by poverty and internal violence to manage their own economies.
On an unrelated note, I would like to inquire, as politely as a might without vocal intonation: exactly why do you believe in God?

The Social Pathologist said...

I'm sorry James but I have been away for a while.

You asked me why I believe in God. I suppose the stupidest but most correct answer would be because he exists.

I'll keep this very brief and so the my line of reasoning may need to be elaborated further. Basically the universe as it exists, shows order and purpose everywhere. Rationally it comes down to a balance of probabilities.

Suppose you and I--and others--were on a life raft drifting at sea for months. Suddenly two islands appear in front of us. One island has overgrown forest covering it and nothing else. On the other island we can just make out houses and can see smoke and flashing lights.

To which island should we travel for rescue?

The intelligent man would state that it would be better to travel to the island with signs of life rather than the forest covered island. But suppose a fellow survivor pipes up and states that it really doesn't matter, since the lights and smoke and houses are all probably a unique consequence of millions of years of natural forces acting upon the island so that it would appear that life is there when in reality it isn't. What would you think of that mans opinion?

I think him an idiot and thats why I believe in God.

Sorry for the late reply.

Nietzsche said...

Interesting. Would you believe in God if you were deaf and blind? If people are unable to read the bible or interact with its teachers/followers, there is no doubt in my mind that Christianity like pagan religions will be quickly forgotten.

To me religion is part of public control. It is very clever to have sheep regulating their own behavior and thoughts than using resources like police or modern media.