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Given events in the U.S. in the last few days, I felt it would be pertinent to revisit the subject of disgust.

Disgust was a long overlooked emotion but recent psychological research into the subject has shown that it plays an important role in many facets of the human person.

Firstly, with regard to the subject of female sexuality, there is a growing body of research which suggests that it has an important role in the regulation of female sexuality.  From this paper,
In addition, the stimuli involved in sexual encounters are in general (at least out of context) strongly perceived to hold high disgust qualities, with saliva, sweat, semen and body odours qualifying among the strongest disgust elicitors . Clearly then, disgust may be an important interfering factor in sexual activity which may help to explain the mechanisms involved in sexual dysfunction  The finding that many of the strongest disgust eliciting stimuli are also involved in sex (e.g., saliva, and sweat) may not only help explain how disgust may be involved in sexual dysfunction, but it also raises the critical question of how people succeed in having pleasurable sex at all
The growing research evidence suggests that arousal is the key disgust suppression mechanism which facilitates sexual activity. In other words, women are quite literally disgusted by the idea of sex unless sufficiently aroused. This is an important finding, especially with regard to its theological implications. Traditionally, the marital debt was supposed to be rendered by each spouse on demand--within reason--yet the arousal dimension, a dimension which appears to be necessary in order for the normal functioning of the act has not been an object of consideration. There appears to be a need for a theology of desire (Eros: Ed).

The implications of a lack of arousal are clear. (from the same paper) 
From a clinical standpoint these findings can indicate that lack of sexual arousal (perhaps due to inappropriate stimulation) may interfere with functional sex, as it may prevent the reduction of disgust and disgust related avoidance tendencies. Consequently, if sexual arousal is low (for a variety of possible reasons), the disgusting properties of specific stimuli, which are relevant for the engagement in pleasurable sex, as well as the hesitation to approach these stimuli are not attenuated. As a result, this could lead to problems with sexual engagement, and lack of vaginal lubrication, which in turn could increase friction and cause problems such as pain with intercourse. It is thus possible that in extreme cases the woman might acquire negative associations with sex and might start to avoid sexual intercourse altogether. Relevant to this, our previous studies with women suffering from vaginismus (Genito-pelvic pain disorder/penetration disorder) have shown that they experience disgust responses towards erotic stimulation at the subjective as well as at a more automatic level. Moreover, the fact that sex related stimuli appeared to elicit disgust rather than arousal in women suffering from vaginismus might further worsen the problem. This is relevant here, since a typical response to disgust is avoidance behaviour in order to create distance from the disgusting stimuli. Thus, it is highly possible that these sexual problems can be directly or indirectly related to low sexual arousal, which as a consequence gives more room for the elicitation of disgust, resulting in a downward spiral and continued maintenance of their difficulties and sexual dysfunction.
As I've mentioned before, "Biblical Christians", whom insist that a wife must submit to his wife without any reference to the qualities of desire are cultivating conjugal trouble.

Recent research into the subject of Vaginismus and Dyspareunia have shown that women who suffer from these conditions have a higher disgust response to sexual stimuli than other women. Furthermore, normal morally conservative women have a higher disgust response than liberal women. (There appears truth to the notion that liberal women are easy and more tolerant of dirt.)

Now treatment for this condition varies in effectiveness with most approaches being based on a systematic desensitisation approach with quite variable success rates. Interestingly, this small and highly ethically dubious study, used "surrogate partners" with 100% success. After reading the about this latter study, I wanted to know a bit more about the characteristics of the surrogates, no details were forthcoming, but this dissertation, which reviewed the literature with regard to male response to vaginismus, is, as they say, very...very interesting.
The male partners of women with vaginismus are typically described as gentle, timid, inexperienced, overly considerate, and passive-dependent men who are unassertive with lower than average sexual desire (Fertel, 1977 cited in Leiblum et al., 1980). The female partner is seen as the more dominant personality in the majority of the cases (O’Sullivan, 1979). A psychometric study of both partner’s personality by Kennedy et al. (1995) found the male partners “to be reserved rather than outgoing, sober rather than happy-go- lucky, shy rather than  venturesome, trusting rather than suspicious, tense rather than relaxed” (p. 16).
A high proportion of the male partners are described as gentlemen, who are kind and polite, display a good deal of tenderness and concern towards their partner, and show much consideration and understanding for her condition (Puxon & Dawkins, 1963;Stanley, 1981). These qualities of support and empathy may help with the continuation of the relationship, but some partners experienced supportiveness without an appropriate level of assertiveness, as an exacerbation of the difficulties caused by vaginismus in a study by Canin (2006). 
Roissy's shadow is ever present in the dissertation.
Several manosphere commentators have noted the link between disgust and non-alphaness and it would appear that there is a sound scientific basis for it.  Arguing against the notion that there is something wrong with women for wanting an alpha male is not just anti-woman but it is anti-nature as well.


I'm not saying that both these conditions are caused solely by a lack of alphaness in the male, rather it would appear that recent research suggests that the that failure of desire arousal (for whatever mechanism) may be responsible. Epsecially, in cases of dyspareunia, organic factors may be at play and need to be excluded before "desire failure" should be considered as a cause.
Seek proper medical advice.


Anonymous said...

A man might have as his first reaction to being insulted the feeling that he ought to draw his pistol and shoot the fellow that insulted him. Has he a right to act on that instinct because it is natural? No, he has a duty to control himself and only shoot those who pose a threat to his life or those of other innocent persons. Likewise for women in the much lesser matter here being discussed. As for roissy that degenerate piece of worthless filth ought to be confined to a labour camp for the rest of his life and beaten every day, and all of the rest of the disgusting vermin that dare to raise their putrescent selves against God. The remnant of the faithful must endeavor to combat, and if possible do away with all that is hateful in the Holy Sight of God. This decadence is why the good for nothing west will be crushed by Russian might. Our Lord will use Russia as His instrument for smashing to bits the infidel and apostate cockroaches that spit at His Holy Law every day. Western Europe, America, Australia and all the rest like unto them will grovel and cower in terror before those who are their betters on a natural level. When Russia is converted as foretold by Our Lady of Fatima it will be like the conversion of Constantine, the dawning of a new age of Faith and Righteousness, wherein the very memory of infidel scum will be spat upon and hated by the remnant of the faithful who, assisted by God's grace will have overcome them. You seem to be going more and more the way of these infidel maggots, turn back now before it is too late, lest you reap corruption rather than the eternal life promised to those who sow in the spirit instead of the flesh which passes away. Glory be to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother Mary!

Marty Johnson said...

Mary, nice, rational girl that you are. You disagree with somebody's OPINION and as a result feel that they deserve to be beaten every day and confined to a labor camp. You are one sick, twisted bitch. Just for disagreeing with you. Wow. Seek help you psycho.

The Social Pathologist said...


Thank you for your concern with regard to the state of my soul but please try to keep it civil. There is a strain of Manichism in your thought which makes me worry about your soul as well.


Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4.46p.m. again: Why do you say Mary? Is this intended as some kind of insult against the Most Holy Mother of God? Unlike you I am a man, you will one day get what's coming to you marty, you infidel. You infidels like to pretend that everything is merely an opinion as this gives you a pretext for living as a disgusting beast. It is nothing of the sort, there is right and there is wrong, and those who wilfully do wrong ought to be punished as a simple matter of justice. Your kind ( one assumes you are one of them if you support libertines like roissy) are already being punished by God with the numerous diseases you contract from your dissolute lives. It is all downhill for you enemies of Christ. It is true that infidels outnumber the remnant of the faithful, but so do cockroaches and flies, so what of it? You would do well to make your peace with the Almighty and do penance before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous from 4.46 and 5.51, again. S.P., I don't mean to say that the flesh is intrinsically evil, Our Lord took on flesh after all, but this fixation with it, if one is not careful, can easily lead down the road that so many of the German bishops have taken in recent times, the upcoming synod and so forth. As for being uncivil I am unable to compete with Marty due to moral constraints. One could call him the sort of name he likes to call those he dislikes, I know all of them, things that start with f and so on, but if one obeys the law of God one must not do so, wouldn't want to sink to his level after all.

Michael said...

I would try to avoid using the word "retard;" it is generally seen as offensive.

The Social Pathologist said...


I would try to avoid using the word "retard;" it is generally seen as offensive.

Understand. But so many people just don't do subtlety that I have to be forceful about the matter.

Jack said...

Great read Slums, as always thank you for sharing your insights.

@Anon: Surely you jest? Roissy condemned for telling it as he sees? I've said it before, he's worth a read for his wit if nothing else, and he does make prescient observations on the state of the world. Not my place to judge him in any case.

Anonymous said...

I must stand by what is written above as it is a matter of justice. How many men will suffer eternal damnation because of their acting on what this degenerate constantly writes. His mind is a sewer that spills out and contaminates everything round about. He is a minister of the devil. There are of course a great multitude of other such ministers, but he seems to serve as a figurehead of sorts among those that write of their love of vice on the internet. Even on a natural level he is blameworthy. What good does it do to know how whores think? The few decent people left, and especially the remnant of the faithful ought to isolate themselves from the heathen as much as they possibly can to avoid spiritual contamination: "Wherefore: Go out from among them and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing: And I will receive you. And will be a Father to you: and you will be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty." II Corinthians 6:17-18.

How many fellows are there, who if they had come to adulthood in a Catholic, or even just decent society that more or less followed the natural law would have used their intelligence for good, would have invented some new machine or medical treatment, or become philosophers or philologers and so on, but now will never be anything but disgusting libertines who "think" so to speak of only one thing and die wishing for more time so that they could offend the Almighty even more rather than bewailing their sins and receiving the Sacraments worthily so that they may die well and be saved. "To a man that is a fornicator all bread is sweet, he will not be weary of sinning unto the end." Ecclesiasticus 23:24. If all these libertines enjoy being trousered apes so much and despise things spiritual, well then let them live like beasts, put them into a zoological enclosure with a pond for them to drink out of and throw some vegetables over the electrified fence twice a day.

Those who run things encourage this depravity among the masses purposefully, as it weakens the people and makes them incapable of resisting the tyrants who have usurped power, one sees this in the famous quotation of the Freemason Giuseppe Mazzini "We corrupt in order to rule". I would suggest E. Michael Jones's Libido Dominandi for a thoroughgoing treatment of this. The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit in History by the same author is also highly recommended. This is one of the things that so enrages one who observes these things; things didn't have to finish up as they did, most of the breakdown and collapse of civilization could have been averted if only the people would have made earnest efforts to combat the abominations that were incrementally imposed upon them. They could have said "No, we won't put up with you denigrating religion, we won't allow you to corrupt and pervert our children, we will live as our forefathers lived no matter who it "offends". But, sadly, they proved to be worthless, shameful cowardly disgraces to their ancestors whose graves they spat upon by their actions.

Now they will reap what they've sown. May God deliver those who are His.

ElectricAngel said...

Thanks, as always, for demonstrating that the root of the word doctor is the Latin docere, to teach. In Hebrew, Rabbi.

For Anon of the sword, I would offer this advice that I thrust into the faces of my students regularly. There is only one Truth, and it is non-contradictory. If something is true, it is of God, and if it is false, sin, error, it is not.

"game" is a tool, like a hatchet. Like a hatchet, it can be used to its proper end, splitting wood, or its improper end, splitting skulls. When use to defile and debase women, the tool called game is serving evil. When used within the chaste context of marriage, it builds love and connection like that Christ has for his Bride. I think, if you read enough of Roissy, that you can see his lament that it would be better if the world were the way it was 60 years ago, that faithfulness and dedication mattered more than sexiness. He is certainly not doing anything rhetorically to oppose the existing order; perhaps his methods accelerate a collapse towards a time when seven women beg a man to marry them, to take away their shame.

Roissy would have no audience or influence in a medieval context, an ideate culture where God is the center. The collapsing world within which we live will generate its own black hole; those outside the event horizon will coalesce again around what is real. Speak your words with kindness, gentleness, and the same firmness with which you have spoken here, and you will be seen as a prophet who led people back to the Light.