Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rot Britannia: The Conservative Failure.

Deplorable as the events in Rotherham are, perhaps what's even more dispiriting is that nothing is being done to punish those who had failed in their duty of care.  Britain is currently led by a coalition government headed by a so called "Conservative". What is most galling in this entire sordid episode is the government's response, which seems to consist entirely in  asking calling for the negligent authorities to resign.

Is the government that impotent?  Here is a God given opportunity for the conservatives to rout the lunatic left from one of the branches of government and all they do is dither. It's a Chamberlain moment.

Much like the GOP's response to illegal immigration in the U.S., it seems conservatives everywhere seem impotent when it comes to trying to halt the Left's institutional march.

I mean, why not introduce legislation to punish those who are negligent?  Why not disband the council and put in a set of administrators? Why not launch an enquiry into the behaviour of child protection services (heavily staffed by left ideologues) and purge the system of its rottenness?  How about "compensating" the UKIP voting family that had its foster children taken off them? Or writing up exemplary legislation to allow them to sue officers who debase their office to such a degree. It's all low hanging fruit, just the there for the grabbing but "conservatives" in England, just like everywhere else, sit there twiddling their thumbs.

The fact is that many of the "conservative" governing elite are not conservative at all. What distinguishes the mainstream conservatives from the Left at the moment is perhaps a slightly less insane economic policy, but on social matters they seem in agreement.  The Right has now become the right wing of the Left. This terrible decline in conservative representation in government has meant that  religiously inspired/non-Marxist political policy has now been rapidly pushed outside of the Overton Window in most of the world.  The conservative Right and religious right is increasingly being seen as being extremist.

Not that the rank and file haven't noticed. Around the world the conservative bloc seems to be splitting in all directions, the level of disgust in "our" politicians rises. However as we fissure the left coalesces, and like ISIL, unites.

The failure on the part of the right ultimately stems from a failure to understand itself. What exactly is conservative? Who is conservative? The fatal error, I think, is in seeing conservatism as dispositional ideology; one of temperament and not rooted in particulary ontology. Philosophy matters as we of the true right are about to find out.

In group and outgroup limits have to be redefined, lest we find ourselves voting for crypto-Lefty's representing the Right.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

It's a perfect opportunity for Britons to take matters into their own hands. Make of it what you will. Are they up to it? I hope a few are, at least. Time will tell. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

The Rot in the once "Great" Britain has been in effect for at least 40 year and the traitorous governments in that time frame, giving away the UK's sovereignty to the EU. The Political class in the UK are still entrenched tools of the monarchy, aristocracy and the banking class. The Political Class is not serving the interests of the UK public, they are more interesting in helping their parasitic aristocratic and banking friends keeping the public down so they can rape the economy and enrich themselves. All you need do is look at David Cameron, He is married to the granddaughter of an Astor.

Julian O'Dea said...

A family member who has worked in Britain in the hospital system argues that the English are totally demoralised and that the cumulative effect of war and immigration has left them impotent.

The Social Pathologist said...


The rot goes far deeper. Less than 2% of the UK population attends Church on a weekly basis. EU's got nothing to do with this. It basically become a heathen crowd that's rapidly drawing down in cultural capital.

Here's a link outlining Church attendance.

I'm not sure if it was you who linked me to Anna Racoon's blog but this post of hers raises the bigger cultural picture by which the events in Rotherham need to be put into context.

She analyses the situation like a lawyer, but the general level of British promiscuity, especially amongst its youth, is known by all and sundry.

Britain is still perhaps the sickest man of Europe.

@Julian and Laguna

I agree, they've become thoroughly emasculated. But perhaps more importantly Conservatism in Britain is dead. It has a faint pulse in Australia and is Feeble in the U.S. but it is still alive in these places.

cecilhenry said...

Three words: GO GET THEM. In their homes, studios, palaces and parliaments

Just doing my job--does not justify White Genocide


“Diversity” means White Genocide

“Diversity” Means Chasing Down the Last White Person.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who or what you vote for in the UK,the problems will get worse.Labour will be 10times worse for the male,the legislation due to be implemented will raise your hair.Conservatism might work when the Conservative party break up but that will not be until after the next election/Meanwhile UKIP await in the wings.Although it is impossible to see them elected,let's face it,nobody has a clue of Farage's policies other than causing a furore coming out of the EU common market.Who else is there?If Cameron gets in again he will be emboldened by his present policies.

Novaseeker said...

You've identified the key reason for this: conservatives are not really "rightists", they are simply leftists of a slightly different sort. They differ marginally on some economic and tax policies, and, in the US at least, there is still some nominal opposition among conservatives to abortion and same sex marriage and so on, but overall they embrace the same "individualism and liberty" agenda as the left does, with only minor differences. The "debate" between them is really a classic example iof the narcissism of small differences, really.

The West is currently missing a true political right wing that passes the Overton window. There are "fringe" parties, for certain, but the acceptable window does not permit any real rightist political expression. Part of that is hangups over WWII, but another part of it is the fact that the left has been remarkably successful over the past several decades of painting its true opposition (not the hapless "conservatives", who play the necessary part of a political foil to keep up the sham of democracy such as it is) as evil, out-of-bounds, diabolical, unacceptable and inhuman. They've marginalized as evil perspectives which were mainstream no longer than 50 years ago -- it's been quite a feat, really. The right was completely overmatched in this, and has now been either co-opted into being "conservatives" or has been effectively demonized as a "fringe".

Pillar Of Autumn said...

I find the term "conservatives" a bit misleading. For all intent purposes there is nothing conservative about any political party in England. Does it simply mean that the "conservatives" in Great Britain are just a bit less socialist than the Labour Party?

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