Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Update on Previous Post.

Over at Aurini's blog, Roosh has made a comment stating that this passage in my previous post was "made up";
A while ago Roosh tweeted about his failed attempt to seduce a young Croatian girl who was studying to become a nun.
I made this statement in good faith, based upon a Tweet he sent whilst he was traveling in Croatia.
Unfortunately, I don't have a screen grab or anything else to back my statement up, therefore, I have to defer to his version of events as he was the primary source.



Jack said...

Perhaps it was a hallucination? I often wonder.

The Social Pathologist said...

What do you mean Jack?

Jack said...

I should have added: 'about my self'.

I will recall to a friend or acquaintance details of a conversation or experience that we shared. At times and with certain persons they have a completely different recollection than mine. I wonder that I may have imagined the whole thing, or was in an altered state at the time.