Friday, March 05, 2010

What Next?

Hollywood once had a modicum of class, even if most of it was manufactured. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Eve Marie Saint, Gregory Peck and Jimmy Stewart had a certain degree of dignity and style. Today Hollywood has no class, more and more the "stars" resemble privileged rednecks and skanks. I don't think I could every imagine Audrey Hepburn getting herself vajazzled. On the other hand Jennifer Love Hewitt has. I suppose it's the perfect accompaniment to the "tramp stamp". The pornification of culture, especially female culture, continues. The prole models lead the way.


Black&German said...

I was watching a documentary on women in the medieval ages recently. They mentioned that women's clothes became more overtly-sexual (tightly corseted, plunging necklines, etc.) the more powerful women were in the society. In other words, the more women invaded men's words, the more they had to define their femininity by their sexuality. It was the only truly feminine thing left about them, so they exaggerated it.

So women dressed and acted demurely before the Black Death, sexually afterward, then demurely during the Victorian era, and increasingly sexually thereafter.

I find that sort of interesting, as a parallel to our time. Now that women are starting to lose out again (because men refuse to marry them in increasing numbers), they (or the more successful ones, at least) are starting to show a renewed interest in modesty and the "wifely arts". It's becoming en vogue to sneer at a woman who can't cook, or who dresses provocatively. The word "slut" is coming back into style, again.

Black&German said...

I meant "the more women invaded men's worlds", of course.

Anonymous said...

LOL, that 'vajazzle' thing is so wrong I can't find the words to describe it!!!!!

Speaking as a woman, I hate tramp stamps, too. And visible tattoos. And multiple piercings. And dodgy hair extensions, and ginormous false eyelashes. Maybe I should go and be a nun :-)

The Social Pathologist said...


I'm not sure if female sexuality is correlated with power directly. I think the link is indirect. I imagine as women get more "liberated", they also become more liberated in partner choice. If a large group of women are competing for a small group of alpha men, then they're going to pull all the tricks in the book to reel them in. If an inordinate amount of flesh does the job, then a girl will do what a girl has to do.

Sweet Juliette.

Thanks for dropping by. I must admit I loathe tattoos on women; it was an immediate dealbreaker. Makes a girl look like a slag. There is no such thing as aging gracefully with a tattoo. The nose stud thing. Yuck.

Snots and all!