Monday, August 13, 2007

The Damned.

One of the blogs I like to visit is David Apatoff's, Illustration art. His latest posting deals with Mr James Montgomery Flagg, the illustrator who painted this famous poster.

The fellow's story is tragic; Mr Flagg you see loved beauty, but for the wrong reason. To him the beautiful was something that was valued because of the pleasure it gave to Mr Flagg, but not of the object it represented. The consequences were predictable. Read on.
(Caution, some risque art)


Anonymous said...

All other moral comments aside, Flagg was insane. Looking at those pictures of Ilse, and hearing how she loved him, he HAD to be insane not to marry her. I've heard it said that "sin makes you stupid". Flagg has got to be Exibit A...

The Social Pathologist said...

Agreed, Illse was a hottie but I don't think Flagg was insane, I think he was evil. I have often wondered how people could reject God's love and I think this story is illustrative.

He knew that Ilse was beautiful, he adored and worshiped her. Ilse pushed all of Flagg's buttons and yet the relationship had to be on Flagg's terms. (I wonder whether God was trying to "reach out" to Flagg through Ilse.) However by not submitting himself to Ilse's demands, she ultimately rejected him. Only after she left did he realise what he had lost.

That's where I think the moral of this story lies; Permanently separated from the Good and beautiful, we are eternally pained.

Anonymous said...

Good point. I was actually in a similar situation, except that I chose to marry the lady, and I have never regretted it. I'm not sure if I turned my back on stupidity or evil or both when I did, but I've never regretted it!

Thanks for posting this story. I'd never heard it before.